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Glorious sterling silver ring with zircon FLII

  • Glorious sterling silver ring with zircon FLII
  • Glorious sterling silver ring with zircon FLII
  • Glorious sterling silver ring with zircon FLII
  • Glorious sterling silver ring with zircon FLII
Product Code:FLII

Glorious sterling silver ring with zircon FLII

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Description and attributes

Glorious sterling silver ring with zircon FLII

This ring is the result of laborious work of a master who used natural stones to create this ring. One of the most important features of zircon is the glow under the sunlight. This glorious ring is suitable for such moments like engagement, wedding, anniversary, valentine or birthday.






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METAL Sterling silver
WEIGHT 4.7 g

More information

We shall make a special wedding ring for you

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Choosing of the wedding rings is a very important mission. You have to concentrate on every smart  detail of the accessory you will wear on your finger. It is essential to keep in mind, that this ring you are going to wear all life long. It should not irritate or deconcentrate you, you have to feel perfectly comfortable with it. The profiles (in other words - the cross-sectional view of the ring shape) can be very different. So, now, let us try to understand what is the difference between the profiles and how you can choose the ideal ring for you and your beloved person.

One of the most popular ring types is the rings with flat profile. Such rings are ideally flat and even from outside and inside the ring.

Another well-known and well-spread type of the wedding rings is the ring with internal profile. Ideally flat and even these rings are only from inside. The outside face of the ring has a round shape.

If you see a ring with a flat outside face and inside it is, par contrary, round? that means that the rings has a flat inner profile.

There are other types of profiles, for example, prominent or protuberant profile.  Such ring will have a round shape of the profile both from inside and outside.

Fantasy ring profile (or concave profile) — the inner side of the ring is round and the outer side has more concave shape.

The cross-sectional view of the wedding ring may also be oval, rectangular, D-shape, with lower (to the finger) or upper flat surface.

Oval shape rings are real classic. They look perfect on the finger and are quite comfortable to wear.

The rings of the rectangular profile look more graceful, and D-rings with a flat profile will be greatly appreciated by those, who want a ring of an unordinary design: and of course, our artists are able to perform any engraving on any type of the ring.

Concerning the width of the frame, the choice depends only on the preferences of the marrying couple. For your information, the wedding rings are made from 2 to 10mm wide. Among the gentlemen the rings of 4-5mm are the most popular. Ladies, as a rule, prefer slender, more delicate accessories of 3-4 mm. The best option is to choose the width of the ring frame according to the hand and fingers size. It is important, that the rings looks not too big, or, par contrary, it should not be too difficult to note it on the hand, that means it should attract attention.



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Unique handmade jewelry accentuates your individuality and gives the feeling of excellence. Choose the experienced jeweler with a refined taste. Manual creation of jewelry requires the utmost diligence and dexterity, a fair amount of self-confidence and also a responsibility. The experienced jeweler will make for you a chosen piece of jewelry and even customize it according to your wishies. A jewelry made of precious metals is a great gift for a festive occasion but will also adorn even an ordinary day.

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