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LATI gold diamond wedding rings


Hammered wedding rings BRITTON


Gold hammered wedding rings BOMM


Atypical wedding rings GOLI


Black curved wedding rings SHALE


Gold twig wedding rings MIANA


LALI gold wedding rings


Gold relief wedding rings MIKE


Minimalistic Wedding Rings GOLED


Matte diamond wedding rings LUCA


Atypical wedding rings LUAMA


Hammered gold wedding rings BOME


Handmade gold wedding rings MONT


Matt wedding rings CUTI


Matte and shiny wedding rings LEO


Organic wedding rings HARMONY


Original gold wedding rings MAJT


Original gold wedding rings NADIN


Original Twist Knot Rings NAMITA


It is said "Seek and you shall find". Whether you are looking for your other half or your wedding ring. If you're here, you've probably already done step one. And now we're here to help you choose the right wedding rings. 

Our offer is really wide, so we believe there is something for everyone in our collection of wedding rings. Our gold wedding rings are available in yellow, rose or white gold and can be personalised to suit your taste. The colours of the metals can be mixed and matched within a single piece of jewellery – we call these styles combinated wedding rings. We also produce the increasingly popular black wedding rings, which are designed for courageous couples. If the colour black doesn't appeal to you, but you still want something original for your big day, check out our atypical wedding rings – you're guaranteed to fall in love with this collection. For couples who prefer simplicity, check out our minimalist wedding rings or classic wedding rings. In both categories you will find very understated jewellery with clean designs. Speaking of classics, the collection also includes diamond wedding rings. These are particularly popular with brides. If a woman wants more diamonds, she can choose eternity rings, which can be combined with other jewellery to create an unbeatable wow effect. In addition to gold wedding rings, we also produce interesting platinum wedding rings that will impress you with their original design.

The bride and groom can also choose the width of the rings. So they can both find something to suit them, whether the bride wants a delicate ring or the groom a more massive one. And if the model allows, they can also choose the surface finish, which can be either matt or shiny, or perhaps hammered or scratched. The sky's the limit! If you have a special request, feel free to contact us and we will transform your dream pieces into real wedding rings that will symbolise your eternal love. 

TIP MIALIS: Because women are likely to wear their wedding and engagement rings on the same hand, try to think ahead and look at the collection of engagement rings.

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