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Amethyst jewelry

Amethyst has been a widely used gemstone since ancient times, and not only in jewellery. In earlier times, people believed it could act as a talisman, and even today many healers trust its healing powers. Overall, they may have a deeper meaning for all who rely on the energetic properties of gemstones.

But if you don't need a deeper meaning to wear amethyst jewellery, you will simply be enchanted by its beauty. They are one of the most popular gemstones in the jewellery industry thanks to their magical colour. Usually, amethyst is purple. Among its other qualities are its transparency and the different intensities of purple shades, from light to the most precious deep dark. Of course, their dazzling brilliance also makes amethyst jewellery even more eye-catching.

All our handmade jewellery is created in our Prague jewelry studio. We place great emphasis on care, both in the design and during the production process. That is why you will find a variety of pieces in our offer. Amethysts come in kite, baguette and round shapes and adorn jewellery of various styles – from minimalist jewellery to vintage. They are often accompanied by small diamonds.

What to wear with amethysts? Despite their distinctive hues, they go well with any gold colour. You can also choose from contrasting yellow, elegant white or romantic rose, so that every future wearer can find her own colour. Whichever option you choose, amethyst will add a unique charm to your jewellery. Then it's up to you to decide on what occasion you want to wear your original jewellery.

An amethyst ring can keep you company at almost any time, but the more distinctive pieces are most successful as unusual engagement rings. You'll also find amethyst earrings that add a playful touch to everyday outfits in neutral colours, or can add subtle charm to an evening look. A necklace with an amethyst complements your neckline beautifully and looks great with shirts and turtlenecks as well as dresses.

The jewellery can be given under the Christmas tree. They will also make a great birthday present. They will also be a hit at engagements and make you happy just for love. Who you give it to and how you give it is up to you! So go ahead and explore other jewellery with coloured gemstones!

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