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Luxury Engagement Rings

Gold ring with teal sapphire VIVA


KATI gold diamond engagement ring


Go for a luxury engagement ring and make your darling feel special. After all, getting engaged is one of the moments that almost every woman has dreamed of since childhood! Imagine that magical time when you get down on one knee, with a wonderful feeling of excitement, expectation and love in the air. Suddenly your beloved will see the perfect piece of luxury jewellery and then will fall in love all over again! 

There is something for every future fiancée in our collection of luxury engagement rings! We have a variety of designs. Although each expensive ring is an original, our handmade jewellery has much in common. We use only the finest materials and take great care to craft them with precision. So we can guarantee that every engagement ring is as perfect and special as its wearer.

Gold engagement rings are sure to please all lovers of tradition. You can choose from a range of colours. For more conservative ladies, yellow gold will be the ideal choice. Women who follow the latest trends can choose a white gold engagement ring. Rose gold will enchant all romantic souls. So when choosing, remember to consider the preferences and personality of your loved one. But if you want something a little more exclusive, explore platinum engagement rings. As one of the rarest of metals, platinum is a very popular choice. With its natural lustre and white colour, it symbolises purity and eternity, which can be beautifully applied to the love it represents. 

When it comes to ring designs, the most popular are certainly diamond engagement rings, whose sparkle is multiplied when the diamond is paired with gold or platinum. If your sweetheart is interested in ecology, she is more likely to be attracted to lab-grown diamonds – so you can treat her to a diamond engagement ring and reduce the impact on the planet at the same time. If your lady loves originality and wants diamonds, a salt and pepper diamond jewellery is perfect. Women who love colour will be dazzled by a sapphire engagement ring, especially by a vintage cadet ring. Rings with coloured sapphires are also unique and popular.  But don't be afraid to explore a collection of rings with other gemstones. You will find the right one!

Browse our offer online or make an appointment at our jewellery store (Prague). Choosing the right engagement ring doesn't have to be such a difficult task if you choose with your heart!  

MIALIS TIP: Did you know that you can combine an engagement ring with a wedding ring? Think ahead, check out our bridal sets and get the pieces that will make the perfect couple !

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