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Gold earrings


Gold karma earrings USKE


Pearl stud earrings VASKI


MALTE gold earrings


Essential pearl earrings KLANI


Gold ball earrings ALIANO


DINA gold diamond stud earrings


Gold stud cat head earrings CAT


Minimalistic gold earrings MINI


Black hoop earrings LIV


Gold circle earrings ABBY


Gold hoop earrings MOZZA


QUNTI name diamond earrings



Gold earrings with morganite MAY


BARBARA Gold earrings



Classic earrings with lab-grown diamonds FENIX

21,097Kč 23,442Kč


Classic gold lab-grown diamond earrings GERA

14,222Kč 15,803Kč

Gold rutil quartz earrings FELI


Gold quartz earrings FELI


Gold amethyst earrings FELI


Gold earrings with emeralds FELI


Gold earrings are one of the most beautiful accessories a woman can wear. So it is not surprising that they are so popular. They can be perfectly combined with other gold jewellery and add the right touch to any lady's look. 

The earrings in our collection are of the highest quality. When producing them, we pay attention not only to precise handmade work, but also to the selection of premium materials and, of course, to the original design. So whichever pair of women's earrings you choose, you can be sure that the wearer will feel a touch of luxury and comfort every time she puts them on. What's more, with such a wide selection, any woman will be in for a treat.

Statement earrings are perfect for special occasions. But they are particularly suitable for women who want to be the centre of attention. We've designed them to catch the eye and add that wow factor to any outfit. If you know your sweetheart is one of the daring ones, don't be afraid to give her some original jewellery. 

Luxury jewellery is perfect as an anniversary gift or perhaps as a graduation present. After all, significant events call for significant gestures. So why not treat a lady with a pair of diamond earrings, for example, which have an irresistible sparkle that symbolises timeless elegance. Pearl earrings will also impress. Combining traditional charm with modern design, they will win the heart of any woman who loves timeless classics.

We know that simplicity is trendy, so you can also find minimalist earrings here. Perfect as a birthday gift. They can be worn alone or as multiple earrings in one ear for a stylish and original look. Of course we also have the iconic hoop earrings in our range.

MIALIS TIP: Match the jewellery to the style of the future wearer and choose the colour gold. Decorate your new earrings in white gold, rose gold or traditional yellow gold. Choose the one that best suits the new owner. 

You can view all the handmade earrings in our collection online. Or you can make an appointment at one of our jewellery stores in Prague and view the pieces you have chosen. Maybe not only earrings, but also rings, necklaces or bracelets that will catch your eye!

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