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Pearl jewelry

Pearl jewelry

Pearl stud earrings VASKI


Essential pearl earrings KLANI


Black pearl studs VASKI


Minimalist pearl earrings RUDE


Pearl ring with diamonds ASTA


Pink pearl stud earrings VASKI


Pearls have long given the impression of luxury and elegance and are rightly associated with taste. It has not been true for a long time that it does not suit even younger years - deliberately try how great pearl earrings with a classic white shirt and leather "curvature" look, complemented by a minimalist bracelet from our collection of minimalist jewelry, for example. Pearl necklace, ring and other jewelry with pearl always show not only it, but also gold details and jewelry processing. They can be made in elegant white, classic yellow or romantically tuned rose gold, depending on the occasion on which you wish to wear these jewels. Gold earrings with a pearl made of classic yellow gold are pleasantly ostentatious and will suit a lady who can already wear them. On the other hand, smaller earrings made of rose gold with a black pearl stand out on a woman who does not want to attract all their attention to them and is suitable for a more universal wear. A gold ring with a pearl is a traditional piece of jewelry suitable, for example, as a gift for a golden wedding, your partner's mother and is also suitable as a Christmas gift. The delicate shine of pearls is absolutely unbeatable for many people. We carefully distinguish our pearls into sea and river pearls, and you will also find rare and decadent black pearls or peach pearl jewelry, which serves its purpose as a beautiful gift to graduate for your efforts in your studies.

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