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About Mialis

We believe that a piece of jewelry is a mirror of personal individuality


At Mialis, we are satisfied that jewelry should be as unique as your moments, memories and people that are around you. Not something from the catalogue that million other people have. It's something that should be created just for you. Albert Mustaev is CEO of Mialis and jeweler in one person makes a variety of minimalist pieces. We are passionate about what we do and that is why we have decided to provide beautiful, affordable and personalized jewelry to all. With Mialis you can always count on our expertise and knowledge in making jewelry.


All along your experience you'll have full access to our expert team to answer any your question

Excellent proficiency

Mialis is your own design consultant during the entire process till receiving your piece of jewelry

Absolute quality

Handcrafted by one of the best jewelers in Prague with long life experience. Each piece is made to the highest standards

Mialis mission

Our mission is to provide the best customer experience, so people can create their desirable piece of jewelry with the word "unique" in mind

Work for your fantasy

Just send to Mialis any image like photo or sketch of your idea and get it real

Unique package

Stylish, adjusted for any occasion

We work online

But besides, we have an authentic workshop with its long history


For each order over 5,000 Kč or 200 € we’ll make a present for you

High quality for a reasonable price

We love our work and do it with passion

Our accounts

Lifetime Guarantee

For all our products

But our ambitions are big

For us

For us working for MIALIS is something more than just a business, we really enjoy it!