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About Mialis

We believe that a piece of jewelry is a mirror of personal individuality

Who are we?

Mialis is a jewelry studio where jewelry is not only created, but also designed. We focus on jewelry that underlines your uniqueness and at the same time creates an ageless memory of important life moments. All our ideas and productions are created in the very heart of Prague, where you can find our studio and showroom. We provide first-class quality jewelry not only in terms of materials, but also in terms of craftsmanship. Honest craftsmanship with a focus on every detail is the main priority of our goldsmith's workshop. The quality of our jewelry is reflected in the hands, and above all, the experience of two goldsmith's generations. We believe that every piece of jewelry should be unique, just like the moments, memories and people you surround yourself with. In our collections you will find mainly original wedding rings or non-traditional engagement rings with which everything begins, but also many more.

Our mission

We believe that for every individual there is a piece of dream jewelry that perfectly expresses their personality. Our mission is to guide you through the jewelry buying journey with the best customer service

Our vision

At Mialis, we want to create a world where jewelry transcends its ordinary meaning and becomes a symbol of personal expression. They allow individuals to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate life's romantic moments through our exquisite, handcrafted jewelry. Each piece from our jewelry studio tells a story of unique beauty and leaving a mark on the heart of the person who wears the piece of jewelry.

Our customer service

You can contact us not only by phone, e-mail, but also in chat. We respond to messages on working days within 48 hours at the latest. We are here for you during the entire production period. You can communicate with us in Czech, Slovak, English or Russian.


We rely on a pleasant demeanor, personal approach and excellent work by our goldsmiths. The CEO and second-generation goldsmith Albert Mustaev is behind the entire team. With us, you will feel at home from the beginning of choosing a piece of jewelry to receiving it in a charming box.

Responsibility and sustainability

We source gems and other materials only from verified, certified and above all ethical suppliers. Hereby we want to commit to sustainable practices in all aspects of our business - from production to transportation, to protect our planet as best we can.

A unique product

All our jewellery we design and produce in the jewelry studio in Prague 1. We work only with premium materials - from precious metals to the natural or lab-grown gemstones. Explore our selection of original jewelry.

Showroom in Prague

Apart from the online space, you can also make an appointment with us in our showroom in Prague 1. We will be happy to meet you on weekdays between 10 - 18h, other times by agreement. Not all jewelry from our production can be seen here, so we recommend contacting our sales assistant and to discuss all the details of your visit.

Custom jewelry

In our Mialis studio, we not only work with our own collections, but also focus on custom jewelry production. It gives us a sense of freedom and fulfillment of the challenges that come with custom-made jewelry. Contact us with your idea.