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Moss agate jewelry

Ring with kite moss agate SAMUEL


Gold ring with moss agate MOS


Gold ring with moss agate ELIONOR


Gold ring with moss agate AUGUSTA


Moss agate gold ring OLLY


Gold ring with moss agate DANA


Moss agate in gold necklace ELF


Gold ring with moss agate AMY


Gold ring with moss agate BERTA


Gold ring with moss agate HILL


Gold ring with moss agate SAMUNA


Moss agate is reminiscent of the gift of the forest, which caresses your soul. The unique semi-precious stone is particularly interesting for its green fibers, which grow across the entire space of the stone. The primary color of moss agate is rather milky. Every moss agate in our jewelry is a complete original, a gift from Mother Nature. Therefore, the individual stones differ from product to product.

Mossy agate belongs to the quartz family. Compared to the classic agate, which is characterized by many layers of strip drawing, the moss is completely different. The dark green color is mystical in the stone.

If you are looking for an unconventional stone ring, do not miss the beauty of moss agates. In our collection you will find alternative engagement rings. It is suitable for ladies and ladies who are looking for new opportunities, the connection with nature and the green color are among their favorites. Do you have such a sensitive soul by your side? Think of a moss agate ring

We are just full of original jewelry. Earrings with agates or agate pendants or necklaces must not escape your attention.

The gold pendant with moss agate is usually in a non-traditional shape - for example, a triangle or hexagon.

We produce our jewelry with moss agate in both silver and 14k gold. Some jewels look like decent white gold, others stand out in classic yellow or trendy rose gold.

Did you know that moss agate is also nicknamed the mocha stone? The alternative name comes from the Arab city of Mocha in Yemen, which was an ancient source of gem. In the past, moss agate was considered an agricultural stone due to its fine fibers resembling moss or ferns.

This type of semi-precious stone is also used between healers. It usually helps with insomnia, reduces fever and expands your consciousness. We leave all the truth to each of you.

We chose it because of our love of nature and green color. Jewelry with a green stone will delight lovers of forest, nature and dark green colors.

Natural gemstones have fascinated humanity itself since ancient times. That is why we pay great attention to our gemstone jewelry. We know that they can be a great gift for various occasions and the wearer feels comfortable in them.

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