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Customized Jewelry

Personalized rings

Personalized rings

Personalized earrings

Personalized earrings

Personalized bracelets

Personalized bracelets

Personalized pendants

Personalized pendants

Personalized jewelry

Gold bracelet with diamond TRISH


KALIN name gold diamond bracelet


Necklace with the ring SOLOBA


QUNTI name diamond earrings


VERTE Name gold diamond pendant


SKIBI name diamond ring


Gold necklace with diamond LASKA


Gold necklace mommy ROSY


BELE name gold diamond ring


Because we make our jewelry with the greatest creativity, and we are open to all ideas, you have the opportunity to become one of us for a short time. Personalized jewelry is the most original gift you can give to your loved ones or to yourself.

You can unleash your imagination and let a necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings engrave your name, initials, important date, GPS location, QR code or a symbol that means a lot to you or your loved ones. Giving a symbolic piece of jewelry can conjure up more joy than you would expect. We all love more or less hidden meanings.

Gold personalized jewelry is suitable for special occasions. You can donate them to an important anniversary or event. Wondering what jewelry to give birth to a baby? Gold personalized pendants or necklaces will give you many opportunities. Many mothers like to carry the names of their children or husband. For such occasions, we recommend viewing our collection of gold personalized bracelets. Jewelry with a monogram is also a beautiful gift to complete your studies. Gold personalized rings can serve as a beautiful monument that will be inscribed in your life forever.

If you have pets, you know very well what love for animals means. Even for such cases, we make silver personalized jewelry by hand. We will be happy to create jewelry, thanks to which you will always have your pet with you. We can decorate silver personalized pendants and necklaces with a monogram or even a portrait of your dog, cat and others.

Our silver personalized bracelets are suitable as the first important piece of jewelry for small and large princesses. Jewelry with a sign or constellation will be their guides to the magical moments of life.

We make all our gold jewelry from 14k gold in all colors and in full luster. We only make sterling silver jewelry, which will never turn black.

You can also choose the font for personalized jewelry from our goldsmith's workshop. If you do not find a popular font in our offer, be sure to ask us about other options. We will be happy to customize be spoke jewelry that will be exactly according to your most secret ideas.

There are really many possibilities and thanks to our many years of experience, we will not stop at any original idea. We always try our best. Make an appointment with us, and come up with your proposal or write to us and send your idea to email or social networks. We will be happy to discuss everything thoroughly and design variants that we will make to the finals to match your unique idea.