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Moonstone jewellery

Our exclusive collection of moonstone jewellery will enchant all ladies who want to accentuate their femininity. The moonstone symbolizes softness, but it is also often associated with empathy and intuition. So if you want to show off your feminine power to the world, you can reach for moonstone jewellery.  

A true moonstone, also known as an adular stone, is naturally colourless. However, it can hide many inclusions inside that reflect light when it moves, creating subtle reflections of blue, silver or pink. During the day, this iridescent moonstone can give you the illusion that it is "changing" and resembling moonlight. 

We make gold jewellery in all colours of gold. With this choice, you can wear your original jewellery for just the occasion you get it for. Moonstones suit any golden variation. Want to boost your romantic soul even more? Choose a rose gold jewel. Do you like classics? Yellow gold is perfect for you. White gold jewellery, on the other hand, is ideal for women who love simplicity and understatement. 

This jewellery collection is diverse and features both minimalist jewellery and unusual jewellery with atypical kite-shaped stones. We have not been afraid of combinations in our production, which is why some of the jewels are set with diamonds or moss agates, for example.

Moonstone earrings always look great, so they will go beautifully with everyday outfits, or you can use them for special events, for example as wedding jewellery. A moonstone ring is also a popular choice for an engagement ring. So if you have an engagement coming up and you don't know what to impress your future fiancée with, go for moonstones. And if you're looking for a gift tip for a woman, whether for an anniversary, birthday, or graduation, surprise your loved ones with a moonstone necklace. 

We believe that moonstone jewellery will please every woman, so check out our wide range where you will find a huge selection of gorgeous gold jewellery.

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