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Pendants and necklaces

Necklace with the ring SOLOBA


Gold minimalist necklace BARE


VERTE Name gold diamond pendant


Morganite in gold necklace DAISY


Gold halo pendant GLORY


Gold cross pendant MARIA


Moss agate in gold necklace ELF


Gold pendant with babyfoot BABY


Gold peridot pendant LAOISE


KELI elegant sapphire pendant


You are right here if you have gone through all the jewelry and are still trying to find something that will be close to your heart, literally. This collection of gold jewelry is about simple lines, precise jewelry work and original symbols on gold pendants.

Our handmade gold chains are as light as a feather and the pendants made of white gold (but also classic yellow or rose gold) represent just something special you will want. If you want to take the symbols on the pendants to the next level, take a look at the category of personalized jewelry. There are no limits to your imagination and we can work wonders with your lucky numbers, letters and names.

If you would rather prefer something more conservative to medallions with symbols, you will find precious stones with beautiful cuts - have you already met the fine strawberry crystal?

And while we're at the softness, don't forget to check out the popular minimalist necklaces from our workshop. They are clean in design, timeless and yet attract attention. What about upgrading a diamond necklace and gold minimalist earrings from the gold earrings collection to your license plate?

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