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Sapphire jewelry

Gold ring with pink sapphire CODY


Gold ring with teal sapphire VIVA


Gold ring with sapphires ANNE


Gold ring with sapphires NIKKI


Gold ring with sapphires CLUSTER


Enter to a world of timeless beauty and elegance with our stunning sapphire jewelry. Each piece of sapphire jewelry from our atelier is the result of a perfect combination of Czech craftsmanship and the uniqueness of this rare gem.

Sapphire is a natural gem, which with its (most often) blue color and irresistible shine evokes the impression of mystery and beauty. You can also find it in other colors, such as pink, yellow, orange, black or blue-green (teal) to deep green.

Our assortment offers not only sapphire rings, but also engagement rings that adorn this precious stone. You will be truly elegant and original when you wear our sapphire rings on your hand. White gold rings are the perfect combination of elegance and beauty. The combination of white gold and blue sapphire forms an irresistible symbiosis that captures light and radiance with incredible intensity. We also liked the combination of blue-green to gray sapphire, which looks best in rose or yellow gold. You always decide the favorite color of gold for jewelry.

Whether you are looking for a sapphire engagement ring or a magical ring with a glowing stone, our collection offers you a wide range of designs. Some sapphire jewelry is with stones of purely natural origin, others of laboratory origin. With respect to the environment, we have included this more ecological option, as sapphire is the second most popular gemstone in the world.

Sapphire is a symbol of loyalty and peace. A sapphire engagement ring is the perfect expression of endless love and promises.

Our jewelry workshop from Prague is a guarantee of quality, precision and timeless elegance, which brings you designer jewelry that reflects your uniqueness. Try to take your love of original jewelry to a new level - open yourself to the magic of sapphire rings. Choose sapphire jewelry that will not be forgotten.

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