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Curved wedding rings

Curved diamond ring ERISILDA


Diamond matching ring HARIS


Gold ring with diamonds EMILIA


Minimalist ring PALERMO


Salt and pepper curved ring WENDY


Gold diamond ring with ruby CROWN


Curved wedding rings are the perfect partner for your favorite engagement ring. These atypical wedding rings are currently one of the world's biggest trends. They are popular thanks to the perfect pairing with a gold engagement ring. Just find a design that will catch you at first sight and try a combination that will create the perfect engagement set. Once you have both gold rings on your hands, you will immediately see how the pear shaped wedding ring perfectly copies your engagement ring.

We make our engagement and wedding sets from classic yellow, white but also trendy rose gold. The cut-out rings are most often in the shape of a letter V or a semicircle. We set V rings in with classic diamonds, but also with our favorite salt and pepper diamonds. We also set some of our engagement sets with colored gemstones.

If you have not found the required shape of the ring for your engagement ring, be sure not to hesitate to contact us.

We love the production of custom-made jewelry, we make all our jewelry by hand, so we will be happy to make a handmade wedding ring exactly according to your engagement ring with a diamond or other gemstone.

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