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Classic wedding rings

It is wonderful to plan a wedding. It can be a bit of a challenge, but don't worry about it and enjoy the time before the wedding. Start by choosing your wedding rings. Allow plenty of time for this great couple activity – after all, wedding rings are one of the few things that will stay with you after the wedding, and if you choose the right ones, they can keep you company for many years.

What would you say about classic wedding rings? There's nothing like the classics. And maybe that's why the jewellery in this collection has become so popular. They are ideal for couples who love tradition. They are also timeless pieces that newlyweds can wear forever. In addition, their simple design will complement any outfit, so whether you are going to the theatre, a business meeting or the ball, the rings will match your look. The simplicity of the design gives the minimalist wedding rings a huge benefit: it's easy to combine, so they're great for lovers of layering. And for all the ladies who want glitz and glamour, we also have diamond wedding rings that will add a touch of sparkle to any style.

Traditional wedding bands are available in a variety of styles, with either a matt or shiny surface. For romantic souls, there is rose gold. For those who prefer elegance and purity, there is white gold, which is also available in a warmer shade – just add a note in the order form and we will make the rings without rhodium. And for more conservative couples who love tradition, yellow gold wedding rings are an option. As well as gold wedding rings, you'll also find platinum wedding rings here. Some couples are comfortable with D-SHAPE wedding rings, while other couples choose flat wedding rings. However, we know from experience that comfort wedding rings are the most popular as they guarantee extra comfort. 

MIALIS TIP: All of our wedding rings can be engraved for free with the date, names, initials or any other symbol you wish to add a unique story to your jewellery.

Classics never go out of style! And don't be afraid to try new combinations. A man's wedding ring can look completely different from a woman's. Whether you choose a traditional design or go for unusual wedding rings, don't forget to take care of them. With a free professional cleaning every six months in our Prague jewellery store, your jewellery will still be as good as new.

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