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Black wedding rings

Black wedding rings

In recent years, more and more couples desire an original wedding. If you also want to avoid convention, you may have already considered non-traditional wedding venues, or perhaps a unique ceremony. We're all for that, so don't be afraid to be different and let your individuality shine through on your big day. As well as these big changes, think about the little details that can make your wedding even more unique and go for the unusual wedding rings!

Did you know that wedding rings can be black? And what all have you heard about such black wedding rings? Although it may seem that black gold is the basis for wedding rings, it is not. Black gold does not exist in nature and the desired dark shade can only be achieved by surface treatment, which is why our wedding rings are decorated with black rhodium.

The original black finish wedding rings are for bold couples. With their distinctive, modern design, they are sure to impress not only the bride and groom, but everyone around them. Prepare yourself for a lot of admiring glances, because they are so unprecedented that they will continue to attract attention long after the wedding. And trust me, once you put on your sweetheart's black wedding ring, you will turn an ordinary vow into an unforgettable memory.

These unconventional wedding rings are truly special pieces, and so they need special treatment. Over time, the rhodium plating can lose its intensity, but our jewellers can deal with this. So if you decide to commit to your love with these striking black jewels, don't worry, you can take advantage of a free rhodium treatment every six months to maintain their exceptional beauty.

If you're intrigued by these original wedding rings but aren't sure, you can come and see them for yourself at our jewellery atelier in Prague. Simply make an appointment and we will be happy to help you find your dream wedding ring. So what do you think, will your wedding rings be black too?

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