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Colorful jewelry

Gold ring with raw diamond VITA


Gold ring with pink sapphire CODY


Gold ring with teal sapphire VIVA


Gold ring with sapphires ANNE


Morganite in gold necklace DAISY


Gold earrings with morganite MAY


Gold ring with sapphires NIKKI


Gold peridot pendant LAOISE


Gold ring with blue topaz OLLY


Gold ring with kite topaz DALIA


Welcome to a collection of jewelry that plays in all colors. Here we have reserved space especially for jewelry with cut gems in various colors. They form a beautiful opposition compared to more conservative diamond jewelry.

Colors make our world happier. The same is true of jewelry with colored gemstones. They can brighten up your day, conjure a smile on your face and, last but not least, decorate to perfection. Gem jewelry in this category can be found mainly in gold, but also in silver.

Which colored gemstone can you imagine in your dream jewelry? Or are you looking for a gift that is supposed to spoil the colors a bit, but still keep your elegant face?

Come with us to see a show of rings with a stone that will symbolize exactly what you are looking for. If you are looking for earrings with gems or a colorful pendant or necklace, we have beautiful and minimalist models.

Lovers of blue will surely enjoy jewelry with blue stones. These include classy sapphires, attractive topazes or tender aquamarines. Blue is the most popular colo ever. It symbolizes devotion, trust, inner wealth and peace. Even though we believe that such an engagement ring with aquamarine will not leave a woman so calm. Our tip is sapphire jewelry with diamonds. It has a very elegant, even vintage impression.

Another popular color is green, which can soothe beautifully. Therefore, it is recommended to spend as much time as possible in nature, where the color green occurs most often. Among the jewelry with a green stone, you will find our rings or earrings with emerald or olivine. Both shades of green are suitable for other occasions. We believe that you will choose the right one.

For romantic souls, we like to make jewelry with red stone or pink. That is why in our offer you will also find non-traditional engagement rings with a ruby ​​or garnet. The tenderer woman will surely be impressed by the beauty of morganite. This gemstone stands on the border of pink, peach, flesh to brownish color.

If you are looking for jewelry for a wedding, whether as a bride or a guest, focus your attention on one of the rings with a moonstone or a necklace with white opal.

If you have a weakness for mystical jewelry that is full of mysterious magic, we will be happy to recommend our jewelry with purple amethyst or black diamond. Once you see them, you will understand the magic they hide.

In addition to gemstone jewelry, we also have several rings, earrings and pendants with mineral, specifically hematite. This gray stone is said to protect against negative energies. We will have the reality judged by you, but we will certainly agree that it attracts many views.

Whether you are looking for a nice birthday jewelry, a gold ring with a gem for childbirth or earrings for an important anniversary, we firmly believe that you will choose from us. If you haven't found your favorite gem, don't despair. Contact us with your idea, we will be happy to incorporate the desired gem into a custom-made piece of jewelry that will be just for you.

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