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Fresh Ideas for Wedding 2020


In case you are planning your wedding and wondering what is new in the wedding world, we have prepared some ideas for you.

Fresh flowers are no longer an obvious accessory for every wedding. Dry flowers are actually replacing them. Dry flowers are charming and can set up a romantic mood. This is also a sustainable choice which is always good. 

It is becoming more popular to use bold colours in the decoration. Pastel tones are classic and there is nothing wrong with that but if you are looking for something contemporary, this could be an option.

The same goes with a dress. There are more brides these days that choose alternative dress styles and colors. It does not have to be a dress at all. You want to wear a pant set, go for it! Be yourself!

Choosing a specific restaurant as a caterer is becoming a thing. You and your spouse may have a favourite place in town. Now imagine you can enjoy the food from that place and share it with your guests on your special day!

Weddings will see less and less fireworks in 2020. It is not as exciting anymore and also bad for the environment. There are other entertaining options.

Last but not least, stay true to yourself. Make your wedding the reflection of who you and your loved one are, of your relationship, of your love. The rest will work out. Good luck with all the planning and enjoy your day!

P.S. If you are looking for a ring, check out our selection. We are also able to create a customized version based on your idea or personalize the piece you pick from our website.

How to Pick a Brilliant Wedding Ring?


You have found the perfect one but now, the only thing is missing, is the perfect ring? Choosing the wedding ring can be overwhelming, especially if you decide to go for a diamond ring. What are the things to look out for? How do you know it’s a good gem? We have prepared a guide for the things you should look out for when choosing a diamond ring.

  1. One of the most important things in the diamond is its color. The color scheme goes from yellowish to the pristine and pure, transparent white. You want the transparent white. 

  2. Another thing is the clarity. Make sure the gem does not include blemishes or inclusions. It may still include a little but the fewer the better.

  3. The cut of the diamond can affect its clarity and brilliance. Precise workmanship can ensure that the diamond uses its full potential. Our team at Mialis are professional and experienced, and will take good care of the gem.

  4. Carats are sold by weight so keep that in mind when making a choice. 1 carat = 0.20 grams. 

    We hope this guide will help you with a decision!

    How to Reduce Wedding Planning Stress?


    Planning a wedding is nerve wracking. There are so many things to keep a track of, so many decisions to make! Take a deep breath. It doesn’t have to be stressful. We have some tips on how to make this experience less stressful!

    This is one point we believe is crucial and important in the beginning of the process. Have a talk with your spouse and find out about their expectations. Decide right away on the size and the budget of the wedding. Stick to your original plan. There is a high chance you will spend more than you expect so be mentally prepared for it. 

    Create a list of key aspects you want to see in your wedding. Focus on them and do not try to make every detail perfect. Perfect is unrealistic and puts a lot of pressure.

    Have a plan B. Just to be on the safe side, prepare for the worst case scenario, for example, weather. Be ready for the unexpected and this way you will avoid getting off the track because of it.

    And don’t forget to relax! Have some yoga or a meditation session to calm down, spend some time with your spouse doing something other than planning. It is very important to rest and take care of yourself.

    5 Places for a Perfect Proposal


    Proposal is an important and emotional moment. For many people it has to be romantic. You picture yourself in a beautiful place, looking at a beautiful sunset with your loved one. Sounds like a movie scene, and there are some places in the world that are even better!

    Here is a list of 5 places to say “I do””Yes” at:

    Paris, France

    The first place is Paris. It has to be. It’s a classic. Romantic love story. Mysterious narrow streets, freshly-baked croissants, excellent rosé. It’s a place to fall in love, a place to love, a place to propose. 

    It can be a rooftop with a view over the Eiffel Tower, a sit down by the Seine or a boat ride. Anywhere you pick, it will be magical. It’s Paris.

    Santorini, Greece

    Lately, Santorini became a popular place for honeymoons as well as proposals. But hey, it’s beautiful, what can you do? The white and blue colors of little houses and churches, modern hotels with infinity pools and restaurants with breathtaking views. It’s a place where you should go at least once in your life so why not make it a memorable one. 

    Oia is famous for its sunsets. So beautiful you can’t help it but get down on your knee.

    Chianti, Tuscany

    Italy is wonderful, and Tuscany is a special place on its own. With its picturesque landscapes, high class wines and amazing food, it’s a place to be.  Chianti is a traditional village area where you could have a quiet getaway with your loved one and propose! You can go on a wine tour, enjoy the views and pop the question. Eccellente wine will be right there to celebrate!

    Cape Town, South Africa

    A trip to South Africa would be a more exotic choice. This destination is not yet so touristy so you will have more privacy to share this special moment. Wild nature, white beaches, mountains and good wines. 

    Go to Cape Point, the place where two oceans, Atlantic and Indian, meet. There are many cliffs with an incredible view. Perfect occasion to ask the life changing question.

    We say, go for it!

    Tulum, Mexico

    Tulum is a paradise on Earth. Untouched nature, pristine beaches, tropics and hot nights. It’s a wonderful place for a vacation for two. You can rent a beautiful villa or a bungalow, and just enjoy yourselves.

    Dinner at the beach with a Mexican sunset, and a proposal. Sounds like a dream.

    And … one more bonus spot!


    Not many people go to Alaska in the first place, and that is why it’s so nice for a  proposal. You will have this unusual experience you share with your significant other. It’s a great option for a couple who loves winter. Alaskan nature looks even more charming with snow. 

    Maybe you ask THE question on top of the mountain, or you go kayaking, or, perhaps, you go on a trip to glaciers. You can even see the Northern Lights! The choice is up to you, but we are sure, it will be unforgettable.

    We hope that you found some interesting ideas and curious places. However, it’s not about the place or a location as long as you are with the person you love and want to spend your life with.

    How to Create a Wedding Guest List?


    One of the biggest decisions you will have to make when organizing your wedding, would be a guest list. How to make it the least stressful possible? We have some tips for you!

    First of all, have a sit down with your fiancé. Create a realistic picture of what you both expect your wedding to be. Decide if you want a big or a smaller wedding and more from there.

    Create an organized list of who you would like to see at your wedding and keep in mind that there could be plus-ones. In order to not go over your budget, pick a number of the maximum of guests that you are able/want to invite. There may be situations that you would want to go over that number but we recommend you stick to it. If you make an exception ones, there will be more and more of those which could lead to a mess.

    After sending the invitations, you will see that some people may not be able to make it. You can then send out invitations to guests you had to leave out of the list first. Make sure this is done well in advance.

    Most importantly, try to make the planning experience fun. Planning your own wedding is a unique and exciting time of your life!

    7 Wedding Theme Ideas


    7 Wedding Theme Ideas

    You are getting married! Congratulations! Now the only thing left is a wedding. And a marriage, of course. But when it comes to wedding planning, it may get tricky as there are so many options to choose from.

    To help you set your foot on one of the themes, we have created a list of ideas for you:


    This would be a theme for a couple that is into new and alternative. You like clean aesthetics with a little bit of a rust and mood to it. The colours may be toned down, the reception hosted at the brick wall loft with a jazz band and signature cocktails. It can be anything that speaks to your style and does not have to be a typical “wedding”. You do you!


    A good choice for a wedding taking place out in nature. Cosy atmosphere with warm tones, twine and lots of wood. Homey feeling and a sense of unity. One of the venue ideas could be a barn. But don’t think village, think cosy chic!


    In love with the sunny weather and a heartwarming hospitality of the South? Mediterranean theme may be the right choice for you! 

    Let’s say you want to have a little bit of the Italian charm with its greenery and the vintage-looking venue. You like Greek food so here you go, moussaka, souvlaki and baklava can be on your menu. French wine. One of the best wines. Beautiful Mediterannean fusion.

    Roaring 20s

    It’s the time of the Great Gatsby so you know the drill. If that decade in the US history is your thing then you can go all in with the outfit, decorations and venue. Make it a dress-code wedding so that the whole ceremony has one style. Lots of gold, feathers and champagne in coupes. 


    In case your wedding will be taking place somewhere by the seaside, the tropical theme seems like the right choice. Ceremony at the beach, tropical flowers as a decoration and a boho style dress. Dreamy celebration.

    In case you are not having a destination wedding, you can recreate the beach ceremony at the venue you book. Some sand and piña colada will set the right mood!


    Carnival theme is a very festive way to celebrate. The space can be decorated in the old circus style. Photobooths, popcorn machines and cotton candy. You can hire acrobats or clowns to entertain the guests. Fun time is guaranteed!


    You can’t go wrong with a classic. Black tie, flower ornaments, excellent table setting and a timeless dress silhouette. The colour pallete of such a wedding would be white with beige or cream accents. A celebration with a class.

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