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Peridot jewelry

When natural beauty is combined with elegant design, peridot jewellery becomes an irreplaceable and, above all, popular piece in many jewellery boxes.

Peridot is a beautiful gemstone. Its popularity dates back to ancient Egypt, when it was considered the gem of the sun. In the past, however, it was also called the emerald of the Crusaders because it adorned their swords. Today it is widely used in jewellery, in the form of a compound called chrysolite. Many people acquire jewellery with peridot as a talisman because they believe in its magical, protective effects. Others rely on the gemstone to give them energy or bring them peace in life. And still others are enchanted by its attractive colouring. It is olive colour, but this is not the rule – you can also find it in yellow shades and it is at its most beautiful in a lush green that can be reminiscent of a summer meadow.

We design and create jewellery with peridot in our jewellery atelier in the centre of Prague, where our showroom is also located. All handmade jewellery is made with love and the greatest care to meet your ideas of perfection. That's why you can choose your new pieces in all colours of gold – elegant white, trendy rose and traditional yellow.

In this collection you will find not only earrings with peridot, but also necklaces and rings with peridot. Both lovers of unconventional jewellery and minimalist jewellery will find their favour. We believe that these original jewellery pieces, thanks to their connection with nature, can boost female energy and will suit women of all styles and ages.

Peridot jewellery is ideal as a gift for all ladies born in the month of August. However, this is not a rule. They can also be given on other significant occasions. They also make great engagement rings. Whatever the occasion, they are guaranteed to make the future wearer happy and shiny.

Choose from our wide range of gold jewellery with coloured gemstones online or come to our showroom, located in the heart of Prague, and we will be happy to help you choose.

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