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Gold ring with raw diamond VITA


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Gold karma earrings USKE


Mountain minimalist ring ALPY


Pearl stud earrings VASKI


Ring with kite moss agate SAMUEL


Gold ring with pink sapphire CODY


Gold ring with tale sapphire VIVA



Essential pearl earrings KLANI


Gold ring with pear quartz OLLY


MALTE gold earrings


Gold ball earrings ALIANO


At the Mialis studio in Prague, we specialize in the production of jewelry that excels in both its originality and quality - we use quality gold and silver with special properties that make their luster never fade. We promote our original jewelry to truly luxurious jewelry by setting them with diamonds or gems.
But we also enjoy modern and youthful motifs, because in recent years, jewelry is worn playfully, combines the seemingly uncombinable and the rules are passé - silver jewelry and earrings made of rose gold or bracelets made of white gold and a ring with a black diamond.
In the category of gold jewelry, you can enjoy beautiful pieces - whether you are interested in gold bracelets in solid or loose design, pearl earrings with a black pearl, or your mission is to hunt for an engagement ring with a diamond.
After all, choosing a gold ring from us will be a breeze. We are busy making handmade classic and extravagant models that can serve as a beautiful gift for a friend - for example, a simple gold ring with a mountain motif, or a gift for a mother who will not be able to look for a rose gold ring in a cluster with rhinestones. But it doesn't always have to be diamond rings and jewels with gems, we (and you) are also very entertaining with our youthful and playful motifs. We can breathe a symbol that only applies to our jewelry. Engravings, a name chain, engraving on bracelets, a favorite quote or QR code will make your jewelry unique. Are you interested in more? Then sit back and be inspired by the category of gold pendants on unique beautiful chains.
Personalized jewelry is an original gift, as are the increasingly popular minimalist jewelry. A simple gold ring will delight you every day when your eyesight, as well as minimalist bracelets with shining diamonds. Less is more. This also applies to earrings. Minimalist earrings do not interfere, do not bother and are suitable for every outfit. And we almost forgot - they are beautiful! Small diamond earrings are an essential piece of a lifetime that can be passed down from generation to generation.
Isn't there less for you? Then take a look at the category of gold earrings and watch: Noble pearl earrings or gold rings made of yellow gold?

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