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Gold twisted rope ring DAHLIA



Gold ring with raw diamond VITA



Gold bracelet with diamond TRISH


Moss agate engagement ring THEMIS



Gold karma earrings USKE


Mountain minimalist ring ALPY


Pearl stud earrings VASKI


Ring with kite moss agate SAMUEL


If you are looking for handmade jewellery that will charm you from miles away, you will find it here at Mialis. If you are looking for a sparkling piece for yourself or your loved ones, you will be impressed by our gold jewellery. We pride ourselves on the use of high quality materials such as recycled gold, precise handwork, unique designs and a personal approach. We are happy to fulfil the wishes of even the most demanding customers and turn their dreams into original jewellery in yellow, white and rose gold. 

Our and your favourites are unique jewellery. Whether it's an unusual engagement ring or an original wedding band, these pieces are sure to attract attention. Even if it's a minimalist jewellery piece. In fact, it is easy to fall in love with their uniqueness. 

Diamond jewellery is another popular choice. Once you see the sparkle, it is hard to resist. They are also very luxurious, making them a hit with ladies who love luxurious accessories. As well as diamonds, you can also find the alternative in the form of lab-grown diamonds or original gold jewellery decorated with salt and pepper diamonds. Whether you choose a ring, necklace, gold earrings or bracelet, you can be sure that these timeless pieces of jewellery will be with you for many years. 

MIALIS TIP: Also check out the jewellery sets! When you combine the beauty of individual accessories, you'll shine even more!

Of course, gemstone jewellery also has its place in our collection. Sapphire earrings, for example, are the centre of attention. Emerald and topaz jewellery also make an impression. Moss agate will win the hearts of nature and fantasy lovers. And what about the timeless pearl jewellery? These are all treasures that we are very proud of and love to see our customers wearing them with pride. 

If you want to wear your jewellery just the way you like it, check out our personalised jewellery collection. Whether it's a custom name necklace, a fingerprint jewellery, an engraved bracelet or custom rings, we'd love to put a piece of your story into the jewellery of your dreams.

Quality jewellery is our passion. So if you are looking for a new addition to your jewellery box or a birthday, anniversary or graduation gift for a loved one, explore gold jewellery online or make an appointment to visit our jewellery store in Prague. We are sure that you will find just the right jewellery at Mialis!

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