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Quartz jewelry

Gold ring with pear quartz OLLY


Gold rutil quartz earrings FELI


Gold quartz earrings FELI


Gold ring set with quartz BUNO


Gold ring with lemon quartz BERTA


Gold ring with rutile quartz BUNO


Gold ring with rutile quartz LORA


Rutile quartz gold ring OLLY


Rutile quartz gold ring STAIM


Jewelry with quartz always evokes one great mystery in us. It is a type of quartz. You probably know its most common form - a beautifully translucent crystal.

But rutilated quartz is different. Also translucent, but with something extra. In addition, they are needle inclusions that grow across the stone. They create an absolutely fascinating effect and are usually found in black, brown or even gold. These needles are differently represented in each gemstone, so some stones are darker and others more translucent.

Popularly, this natural gem is called Cupid's arrows, Venus's hair or angel's hair. And no wonder. Gold inclusions really look like pieces of golden hair from an angelic being.

You can also find this unusual stone under the name saganite, tumbled saganite or as saganite in crystal or rutile crystal, etc.

In our goldsmith's workshop, we most often focus on the production of non-traditional engagement rings with rutilated quartz. But you will also find several earrings or necklaces with this natural stone. Mostly these are stud earrings in a minimalist style or decent necklaces that are suitable for everyday wear. We know very well what a beauty can create gemstone jewelry.

As for quartz, we have two more specialties that we are rightly proud of. We also made several of our rings with an unusual strawberry quartz and lemon quartz. If you are looking for summer jewelry full of refreshment, we believe that you will find it with these stones. If you need to get even more shades of rainbow into your life, we recommend that you take a look at our colorful jewelry with gemstones.

Of course, sagenite is also used between healers. You will meet him most often in spiritual practice. It is a protective stone that improves intuition and tunes the positive energy around you. As it really is, we will leave it to every wearer of a stunning crystal or piece of jewelry with it

Mystical crystal has been known since ancient times, and for centuries it has been believed that its effects can be used to foretell the future. Therefore, a purely transparent quartz was used to make crystal balls.

Jewelry with quartz will delight lovers of black, unusual combinations and natural gems. So if you are looking for jewelry with crystal a little differently, the rutilated quartz jewelry will pleasantly surprise you. Not only for its beauty, but also for its friendly price.

We make our quartz jewelry in silver, but mainly in 14k gold in all three colors.

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