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Morganite jewelry

You will love gold jewelry with morganite. When natural beauty is combined with honest hand-crafting, romantic jewelry is created that is difficult not to fall in love with. Therefore, if you are also a lover of fine jewelry, jewelry with morganite should not be missing from your collection. They perfectly underline the femininity of every lady.

Morganite, or angel stone, is known for its beautiful range of colors - from light pink to peach. With its beautiful coloring, it can resemble magical sunsets or blushes, so it is guaranteed to please all romantic souls.

Morganite jewelry is the ideal accessory for those looking for something exceptional, sophisticated and tasteful. All gold jewelry in this category is created to emphasize the uniqueness of the wearer and bring a touch of romance and elegance to life. In addition, morganite is also considered a stone of love, it is not surprising that it symbolizes harmony. Therefore, in our morganite collection, you can also choose fine jewelry for a wedding, or you can look for an engagement ring with morganite. In addition to special events such as engagements and weddings, they are also perfect for everyday wear. It boasts up to the 8th degree of hardness on the Mohs scale, so you can be sure that it won't be easily destroyed due to frequent wear.

You can find a variety of pieces in the MIALIS brand offer. Rings with morganite, fine gold earrings and fine gold necklaces with morganite. However, if you are so enchanted by the jewelry, you can purchase it as a complete jewelry set and thus create a complete look.

We treat each piece of jewelry that we make in our studio in Prague individually. You can adapt any piece to your style and choose romantic rose gold, classic yellow gold or trendy white gold. This personalization option allows you not only to choose a piece of jewelry according to your preferences, but also to give it a unique character that blends with your personality. Whether you choose a ring with morganite, earrings or pendants and necklaces for yourself or your loved ones, they will become the most popular accessories from the jewelry box.

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