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Personalized jewelry

Gold bracelet with diamond TRISH


KALIN name gold diamond bracelet


Necklace with the ring SOLOBA


Gold minimalist necklace BARE


QUNTI name diamond earrings


VERTE Name gold diamond pendant


SKIBI name diamond ring


Gold pendant with babyfoot BABY


Gold pendant with a diamond SURF


Gold necklace with diamond LASKA


Gold necklace mommy ROSY


BELE name gold diamond ring


Engraved gold pendant WAKEBOARD


Do you want to give a really original gift? You are right here, choose with your heart and keep in mind that all jewelry can be made in different color variants of gold. The Mialis jewelry studio creates beautiful personalized jewelry every day - a great way to give someone close to you that they care, that you know what they love and that you cared about the gift.

Gold pendants from our e-shop are suitable for this type of jewelry.

For example, the baby foot symbol is a wonderful gift for the birth of a child, and a pendant made of white gold with the date of your first meeting is the perfect anniversary gift for a woman. Gold necklaces are never a step away. MIALIS TIP: Be creative and combine. You can create a set of personalized pendants on a beautiful glittering chain and other jewelry from a series of gold bracelets.

Our customers like chains with children's names and rose gold pendants with the name of a pet, but jewelry with its own motif does not have to be just around the neck. Letter rings look great - a diamond ring has never been more original. It is distinctive and can withstand combining with something inconspicuous, for example from the category of minimalist jewelry. Even earrings can be made to measure.

Rose gold earrings can be personalized, a small diamond and the name gifted is a TOP choice. Also worth mentioning is a bracelet with engraving of any text with which you can express your thanks to your witness at the wedding.

And because creativity is one of our strengths, there is no such thing as too original. We can engrave your life motto, favorite quote, child's first word or QR code with a link to your song on your jewelry.

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