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Unique jewelry with a magical rutile quartz will surprise you not only with its uniqueness, but also with its friendly price. Rutile quartz belongs to the varieties of the popular crystal gemstone. It is a type of quartz that is transparent, but also contains rutile inclusions. These can be black, red, brown, copper or gold. Each stone carries variously grouped acicular inclusions, which create an absolutely fascinating effect. A ring with a rutile quartz can also be an original engagement ring and white gold will suit him best. But if you love classic yellow or romantic rose gold, we will make a piece of jewelry exactly tailored to your ideas. Jewelry with quartz are original and ideal for lovers of black and white combinations. The mystical quartz has been known since ancient times and for centuries it has been believed that its effects can be used to foretell the future. Therefore, a purely transparent quartz was used to make crystal balls.