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All gold jewelry

Gold ring with moss agate AMY


Gold ring with moss agate BERTA


Gold ring with moss agate HILL


Gold ring with moss agate SAMUNA


Gold ring with raw diamond HOPE


Gold ring with rutile quartz BUNO


Gold ring with rutile quartz LORA


Gold vintage diamond ring CALYPSO


Heart shaped pendant MOSS


JAM gold diamond bracelet


KATI gold diamond engagement ring


MIFI authentic gold diamond ring


Minimalist pearl earrings RUDE


MUYA cat shape pendant


Necklace with the ring SOLOBA


Pink pearl stud earrings VASKI


Rutile quartz gold ring OLLY


Rutile quartz gold ring STAIM


Gold jewelry in a beautiful box will always be one of the most popular gifts and is a great investment. We rely not only on the use of the highest quality gold, but also on the author's design of jewelry, which we produce in our studio in the very heart of old Prague.

In our offer you will find breathtaking gold necklaces, which can be engraved, set with diamonds or left on beautiful light chains to stand out on the skin of their owner in a minimalist design - a diamond pendant with a zodiac sign is a hot tip for the coming season.

You can also be enchanted and choose gold earrings and be careful not to limit yourself to white gold or classic yellow gold. Earrings love rose gold, their romantic touch will brighten the face of every woman. But don't be afraid to bet on more distinctive models, for example, pearl earrings are elegant staples and it has long been the case that they are only suitable for ladies of respectable age.

Don't miss peach pearls! The Mialis jewelry collection stands out for its attention to detail, which is especially evident in the bracelets and earrings that our jewelers breathe in the charm of masterful craftsmanship without the result having to be flashy at all costs - white gold bracelets will surprise you with their softness and the earrings are careful from small inconspicuous furnaces to distinctive golden circles. And what about precious stones? Take a look at our gold earrings with a rhinestone, from which the sight passes, and take a look at the silver jewelry we have on offer.

Breathtaking gold rings are our heart's desire. Gold engagement rings are, in most cases, engagement rings with a brilliant cut diamond that wins each woman's heart (and hand). But we also think of lovers of originality, who will see themselves in non-traditional engagement rings, either with an author's design or, for example, with a black diamond.

In our offer you will also find gold rings for other occasions - birthday gifts for women, wedding anniversaries or Christmas gifts. Wait, and when did you buy something wonderful for yourself?

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