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Mens emerald ring CLARK

23,332Kč 25,925Kč


ARON tie clip

2,623Kč 2,915Kč


Men’s silver keychain with engraving SERI

3,357Kč 3,730Kč


Silver keychain with your name CLOR

3,132Kč 3,481Kč

Jewelry is not just a privilege for women. Minimalist or luxury accessories for men are reconquering the jewelry world. We hand-make traditional men's rings, both simple and vintage coin rings. Silver or gold tie clips with pore or small gem are also popular. You will also find a silver keychain among our jewelry for men, but we do not oppose the production of any custom-made jewelry. A personalized pendant or bracelet can also be a great gift tip - for Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthdays or Father's Day.