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Personalized pendants and necklaces are among the most sincere gifts you can give to your loved ones for any occasion. You can choose from a whole range of options, such as gold necklaces with names, signs, silver pendants with letters, initials or any other necklaces with engraving you choose. Pendants with zodiac signs or constellations are also a beautiful gift. On the occasion of the birth of a child, we also have special variations - for example, a necklace with a child's footprint and a diamond. For the technically based, we have produced a special pendant with a QR code pore. In short, there are no limits to imagination. We produce our jewelry with the greatest creativity and we are open to all ideas, just contact us, make an appointment and come up with your design. Or send us your idea via e-mail or social networks. We will be happy to discuss everything down to the smallest detail and design variants that we will make to the finals to suit your idea.

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