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Chain lengths and their types

Short neck chain or longer?

Silver chains, gold necklaces, necklaces. You can let them stand out alone in the exposed cleavage, but also with a fluffy sweater, or you can easily combine them at once. Whereas in the past it was usually customary to carefully match the fine gold chain with the ideally the same hand chain, today, on exceptional occasions, anxiety in what is or should not be worn is rejected. So if the queen audience is not waiting for you, you can easily adapt the lengths of the chains and their types to your current mood. The so-called layering of jewelry is most effective with necklaces - gravity ensures that the chains on the neck stand out the way you want them to do - the long necklace will sit in the lowest neckline and all the shorter ones above it. We recommend that you always choose the most distinctive one - whether in gold color, chain pattern, or size, and not wear more than three chains at a time.

The standard length of neck chains that we produce at Mialis as the basis of our silver and gold necklaces is 40 and 45 cm. The longer one is the most sought after, because the vast majority of women fit just right and fit well in both round and collar lengths. The length of 40 cm is suitable for those who want a shorter chain or for small types of women. Of course, we can adapt the chains to your desired length, however, customers often agree with us that they don't have to worry too much about a particular length.

TIP: Sometimes you need an so-called extender, ie extra eyelets that will give you more space. These are often situations where you need a slightly more practical piece of jewelry due to manual work or the arrival of a child. We will be happy to provide this service for an additional fee upon specific agreement, do not hesitate to contact us.

Types of chains according to your preference

In our jewelry studio, we produce all chains by hand and with precise care. If you decide to order, for example, a gold chain with a pendant from us, it will most often be an ankr chain, ie the type that is probably the winner among other types in terms of beauty / practicality. Its delicate pattern looks flattering and subtle on the skin, and the elongated eyelets set in a classic style ensure an inconspicuous yet distinctive shine. Although it looks like woven from the gentle glitter of the stars, it is solid and is also suitable for more prominent necklaces. It looks great, for example, in a version of a thin chain made of white gold, complemented by a small diamond, for example.

It is possible that your heart and taste will want a different type of chain. There is nothing easier than to make a wish and we will take care of its implementation. A popular type of chain is also the Venetian (Venezia chain), or more pronounced pancer chain. The categorization into types of chains depends on the way in which the individual eyelets are connected. Regardless of this method, we always try to pay attention to the final aesthetic result and in our workshop we create many models from minimalist necklaces to those that attract the attention of the eyes at first sight. You certainly don't have to worry about them - how about a chain with a name in white gold? And give other colors of gold a chance. For example, a rose gold chain stands out in a slightly different light than rings or earrings. Classic yellow gold is then a bet on pleasant security. The gold we use to make jewelry is always high quality, 14-carat and receives specific gold purity mainly due to its properties - 14-carat gold is not prone to bending or damage and is at a pleasant price level. You will find an inconspicuous hallmark of gold together with our responsibility brand as a fine imprint of origin on all original chains from our workshop.

At Mialis, we produce beautiful designer jewelry, from the idea of ​​the motif to the gift wrapping. But if you only want to buy a pendant or locket, for some products it is possible without a chain. But always make sure that the fastening of your chain passes through the eyelet of the pendant.

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