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Diamond or moissanite – which is right for you?

Are you planning to add a stunning new piece to your jewellery box? We’re sure you immediately think of a diamond ring. Yes, that can be an option. But for a few years now there has also been a gemstone on the market called moissanite. It is a greener and cheaper alternative to diamonds. What is the difference between these gems and which one to choose? We'll tell you in this article.

The timeless glamour of diamonds

The natural diamond, the king of gemstones, has a long history of timelessness and beauty. It originates deep in the bowels of the earth, where it grows under pressure and heat into its perfect form. It rarely finds its way to the surface, which explains its rarity and value. No wonder diamonds are a true symbol of luxury. A diamond is characterised by its dazzling brilliance, which attracts a lot of attention. And thanks to its exceptional hardness, which ensures a long life, it often plays a big role in the proposal of a diamond ring.

You may also have come across pieces called lab-grown diamonds. These synthetic diamonds are a modern alternative to natural diamonds. However, their creation doesn't rely on natural processes, but on advanced technology to mimic the conditions that exist deep within the earth. As a result, synthetic diamonds have similar physical properties to natural diamonds - they are extremely hard, have a distinctive luster and high clarity. Although they are man-made, they are one of the more affordable types of real diamonds. Their prices tend to be very attractive, in some cases up to half the price of their traditional predecessors, allowing a wider range of people to indulge in the refinement of diamonds.

Moissanite dazzles with star sparkle and price

Never heard of moissanite? Or don't know exactly what to make of it? We'd be happy to tell you. It takes an expert eye to tell this gemstone apart from a diamond at first glance. It will enchant you with its distinctive sparkle and iridescent reflections. In its natural form, it occurs mainly in the form of stardust, hence its nickname. On Earth, its natural form is only found in quantities that would fill two rings at most. Despite this, moissanite jewelery is extremely popular. How is this possible? Moissanite has been produced in laboratories for many years, so there is no shortage. This also explains the price, which is a fraction of what traditional or lab-grown diamonds cost.

Diamond or moissanite?

That's the question. Diamond means luxury. So if you're into fancy jewellery, you should definitely go for a diamond-set piece. It will look beautiful when you wear it, but it will also be a valuable investment. 

If you still want a piece of diamond jewellery but don't care about its provenance, then a lab-grown diamond should be the obvious choice. 

But if you prefer greener and cheaper options, look for a moissanite ring. You will be able to wear the perfect piece of jewellery for many years to come without putting a strain on your wallet or the planet.

We offer both a wide range of (not just) diamond engagement rings and a rich selection of moissanite rings. So which one will it be?

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