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Fall under the spell of gems. Discover salt and pepper diamonds and colourful sapphires

Precious stones are not just clear, carefully cut diamonds. On the contrary, there is a whole range of differently coloured and hard gemstones that have their own symbolism and cut. They are a symbol of luxury, elegance, but also of uniqueness and individual style. Learn a little more about the art of jewellery making and take a peek with us into a fascinating world where every stone tells a story and every piece of jewellery reflects countless shades of beauty.

Indulge in royal luxury with distinctive sapphires

Sapphire is usually synonymous with a deep blue stone, but believe us, this precious stone is much more diverse. There are plenty of colour variations, including soft purples, yellows, greens and pinks. But the rarest is the orange-pink combination, known as padparadscha – the colour of the lotus flower, which is really few and far between in nature.

The graceful sapphires set on rings are often large and with sharp lines that allow their dazzling beauty to shine through. They are a symbol of purity, love, fidelity and are the second hardest gemstones in the world after diamonds. It is therefore no wonder that they are a frequent choice for engagement rings, in which they are sometimes combined with clear diamonds. The Azraq sapphire ring, for example, was literally crowned with diamonds.

What's the price of sapphire?

A natural sapphire ring is a bit more of an investment, but one that will last a lifetime. Not only is it highly resistant to damage, but the unconventional beauty of this precious stone simply never gets old. Just choose a look that reflects your distinctive style. You can reach for the subtle Skyler ring with traditional blue sapphires, the soft pink Tara ring, or be enchanted by the extravagant Suzanne ring? And if you'd like to enjoy royal luxury on a smaller budget, reach for lab-grown sapphire rings. Its price is lower, but it doesn't detract from its beauty.

Modern salt and pepper diamonds

When you say diamond, many people think of perfect crystal clarity. But what if we told you that there is a diamond that plays with the rules of the classics? Salt and pepper diamonds, with their hypnotic combination of black inclusions, bring a new dimension of beauty to the world of jewellery.

The tiny inclusions make each piece completely unique and their frequency influences the resulting colour. This can range from smoky grey to almost black, which in combination with the clear diamond resembles a starry sky. It's no wonder that salt and pepper are an increasingly common choice for an unconventional engagement ring.


A luxury you can afford

Salt and pepper diamonds offer uniqueness and luxury at a price that is more affordable than traditional, clear diamonds. So why settle for ordinary when you can have something that stands out? We offer over 300 varieties of jewellery featuring this "star stone" – from elegant rings at an affordable price, to diamond earrings, necklaces, and glamorous engagement rings. As with all our jewellery, you can choose your favourite colour of gold.


Moissanites for engagement in classic style

Moissanites are the best alternative to traditional diamonds. These lab-grown crystals have high hardness and offer similar brilliance at a fraction of the price. In short, they are the perfect choice for engagement rings and jewellery for everyday wear.

We use clear, sparkling moissanite crystals in all possible shapes in our jewellery workshop. Fans of traditional engagement rings and the straight, modern lines of the Butterfly ring, for example, will find them to their liking. For the advocates of simplicity, minimalist rings with baguette moissanites are ideal.

Reflection of nature in moss agates

Imagine a piece of nature that you can wear every day on your wrist, neck or fingers. A moss agate with its fascinating inner design is just such a gem. In fact, its internal structure resembles forest moss.

But green agate is not just about beauty. It is a symbol of abundance, balance and peace. The earthy hues evoke growth and renewal, making it the perfect stone for those looking for new beginnings or wanting to bring more natural elements into their lives.

This gemstone with its green hues is most often cut into shapes, where the design stands out best, adding a distinctive touch to jewellery. Carry your own piece of nature everywhere you go – like on your chest in the form of the Mattia pendant, whose kite shape matches the Samuel ring. The green colour also suits the drop earrings and the Freya ring.


Explore our diverse collection of jewellery made in our Prague jewellery workshop and discover the right piece that best describes your unique style. A sparkling sapphire, a modern salt and pepper diamond, a clear moissanite, or a mossy agate? Each stone has a story and symbolism that will bring you not only beauty, but deeper meaning. Just choose and our goldsmiths will get to work. Whether you're looking for the perfect engagement ring, an elegant necklace, or unique earrings, you'll find a piece of jewellery that will burst your personality.

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