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Fresh Ideas for Wedding 2020

In case you are planning your wedding and wondering what is new in the wedding world, we have prepared some ideas for you.

Fresh flowers are no longer an obvious accessory for every wedding. Dry flowers are actually replacing them. Dry flowers are charming and can set up a romantic mood. This is also a sustainable choice which is always good. 

It is becoming more popular to use bold colours in the decoration. Pastel tones are classic and there is nothing wrong with that but if you are looking for something contemporary, this could be an option.

The same goes with a dress. There are more brides these days that choose alternative dress styles and colors. It does not have to be a dress at all. You want to wear a pant set, go for it! Be yourself!

Choosing a specific restaurant as a caterer is becoming a thing. You and your spouse may have a favourite place in town. Now imagine you can enjoy the food from that place and share it with your guests on your special day!

Weddings will see less and less fireworks in 2020. It is not as exciting anymore and also bad for the environment. There are other entertaining options.

Last but not least, stay true to yourself. Make your wedding the reflection of who you and your loved one are, of your relationship, of your love. The rest will work out. Good luck with all the planning and enjoy your day!

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