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Tips for choosing an engagement ring

Are you thinking of proposing to your loved one and beginning your life together? Choosing an engagement ring is the first step in this wonderful adventure. Read on for lots of tips and advice to help you choose the right one!

Prepare an original proposal

Getting engaged is one of the most important and memorable moments in your life. It is a day full of emotions and special moments. Imagine the sparkle in your loved one's eyes as you get down on one knee. If you choose the right time and place, as well as the perfect engagement ring, this amazing moment will be etched in both of your memories forever.

Where to propose?

Think of a place that has personal meaning to both of you. It could be on the beach at sunset, in a favourite restaurant, at home, or perhaps on a hike in the mountains. The most important thing is that the atmosphere is comfortable and authentic, and the rest will fall into place. Just let your imagination run wild and you'll see how many great places come to mind.

When is the right time to get engaged?

You may be disappointed, but unfortunately there is no universal guide to when to propose. Some people feel the time is right after a few months, others take their time and wait decades to get engaged. If you're sure you've found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, there's probably nothing to wait for! Maybe just the right opportunity. This could be a date with personal significance, such as a relationship anniversary. You could also choose a favourite time of year, depending on your loved one's preferences. After all, you make the best decisions when you listen to your heart.

What about an engagement ring?

Once you've decided on the date and place, all that's left is the engagement ring. But it's easy to get lost in all the jewellery on offer these days, so we've put together a basic guide to choose an engagement ring that will make your partner fall in love at first sight. After all, it's a symbol of your love and should be with you forever.

Choose a style that suits your future fiancée

At the very beginning, be clear about the kind of woman you want to marry. Does she rely on simplicity, dress extravagantly or is she more of a conservative lady? You know best what your girlfriend's taste is. We, in turn, can advise you on what might fit her preferences. So let's take a look. 

  • Whether your sweetheart loves extravagant fashion or designer jewellery, you can surprise her with an unconventional wedding ring. This original piece of jewellery will enchant any woman who wants something different. How about our vintage engagement ring with green sapphire and diamond

  • Can you imagine anything more iconic than a diamond engagement ring? This elegant classic will delight any woman who values tradition and timelessness.

  • Minimalist engagement rings have an understated appeal. If your love agrees that there is beauty in simplicity, then you should look for simple engagement rings. Our tip is a minimalist beaded ball ring with moissanite , which will underline the tenderness and originality of any lady and let her personality shine through.

  • If you are looking for more luxurious jewellery for this special occasion, you will also find luxury engagement rings here. All are crafted from the finest materials and set with beautiful gemstones such as diamonds, lab-grown diamonds and moissanites. They're so vibrant, it's hard not to fall in love with them, and they'll suit any glamorous diva. 

  • Didn't find a piece of jewellery that suits your ideas and matches your loved one's style? Don't worry! In our jewellery atelier we also create customised jewellery. Come to us with your ideas and we will transform them into the original engagement ring of your dreams.

TIP: Personalised jewellery always captures the heart. So if you have chosen a piece that you would like to have engraved with a personal message, word, date or initials, we will be happy to fulfil your wishes.

A wide range of gemstones

In addition to the design of the ring, do not forget to think about the right choice of gemstones that will adorn your future fiancée's hand. If you manage to choose the right one, your honey won't just take it off. 

Diamonds are a popular choice that you can never go wrong with, whether you choose classic clear, coloured or black diamonds. If you want something really unique, you might be interested in a gold engagement ring with a rough diamond

For nature or fantasy lovers, we have moss agate with magical inclusions – check out the ring with moss agate and diamond, perfect for such an occasion. 

Our range includes many gemstones in a variety of colours and shapes, from a wide selection of sapphires to striking amethysts and delicate aquamarines.

Platinum vs. Gold

All our jewellery is handcrafted in our Prague jewellery atelier, so it's no problem to make it in different metals on request. For the engagement ring, white gold, which is exceptionally elegant. For a more romantic and trendy option, choose a rose gold engagement ring. The classic yellow gold engagement ring is also popular and never goes out of style. If you're playing with the idea of investing in engagement jewellery, you should definitely consider a platinum engagement ring. At first glance, the uninitiated may not be able to tell the difference between white gold and platinum, as both metals are white with a silvery sheen. However, platinum has different properties, which is why platinum jewellery tends to be more substantial than gold. However, thanks to its more distinctive design, you can be sure that with the right care and attention, it will continue to look beautiful for years to come.

MIALIS TIP: Platinum is hypoallergenic. If your lady has a metal allergy, a platinum engagement ring is the perfect solution.

Ring Size

The biggest worry for anyone buying an engagement ring is choosing the right size. We understand that it may seem too obvious to ask about the size. But don't worry, it can be done! Again, we have some tips on how to measure your ring size.

Explore her jewellery box

Does your loved one wear rings, and do you know which ones are on her ring finger? Then you've won! Make an appointment at our showroom in the centre of Prague, come with your ring and we'll help you choose the size of your engagement ring. 

However, if you are coming from far away or are short on time, you can measure the ring yourself and order it online from the comfort of your own home. Simply measure the inside diameter of the ring. Once you know the exact value in millimetres, you can easily find the right size with us. If you are unsure about the size, send us a photo of the ring with a ruler. We'll get it right in the studio.

Measure her finger while she is sleeping

This option is definitely not for everyone and requires a hefty dose of courage, so if you decide to go for it, you're guaranteed to get a real adrenaline rush. Wait until your partner is fast asleep and then it's your turn! 

1. Prepare a strip of paper or string.

2. Carefully wrap it around your finger so that it touches your skin but is not too tight. 

3. Mark where it crosses the end. 

4. The hardest part is over!

5. Then, using a ruler, measure the distance from the marked spot to the end of the ring and you will have a finger diameter that will make it easy to choose a ring that fits like a glove.


If none of the previous options work, you have no choice but to try and estimate the size. A classic hand measurement can help, where you concentrate on the ring finger and choose a ring by eye. If you wear rings yourself, discreetly lend them to your other half and observe the space between your finger and the ring. This will give you an idea of the approximate size.

Try on her ring

Discreetly search her jewellery box and try her ring on your little finger. We can then measure the size of your little finger in our studio and choose the size of her ring accordingly. A man's little finger is usually similar in size to a woman's ring finger. Although this is not a 100% reliable method, it is an option. 

MIALIS TIP: When choosing a ring size, remember that fingers can swell during the day or depending on the temperature. It is better to choose a slightly larger size to ensure comfort in any situation.

We know from experience that choosing the ideal engagement ring size in secret can sometimes be an almost superhuman task. Don't worry if you accidentally miss the mark. Trust us and take advantage of our free initial size fitting.

Take the courage and get engaged

If you've read so far, you're theoretically ready to get down on one knee and propose to the person you love the most. If you choose our jewellery for this big event in your life, you can be sure that you will impress her. Plus, every piece you get from us comes in a chic box, so you have less to worry about. And to keep your jewellery looking beautiful even after years of wear, you can take advantage of a free jewellery cleaning once every six months.

Order your perfect engagement ring online or make an appointment to visit our studio, where we'll help you choose the right ring and enjoy your engagement to the full!

P.S. Fingers crossed you will hear “YES, I do!”.

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