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How to measure the size of a ring

Knowing how to determine the size of a ring can come in handy several times in your life. The measurement is most often provided in case of buying wedding rings and in general, if you decide to choose a ring as a gift. But there is another opportunity for which you will need a little wit and luck. Engagement.

In the past, in one of the previous articles, here, we outlined how to orient ourselves in the numbering system and the ring size tables, as well as the topic of the measurement itself. It remains valid that we will be happy to take care of you in our jewelry studio in the center of Prague and we are ready to guide you through the process of measuring the size of the rings. At the same time, in this article we would like to pay a little more detail about our own measurement and answer the question of how to measure the size of the ring at home, or perhaps secretly and on our own.

How to measure a ring

  • In the first point, we would like to tell you one thing: Don't betray yourself. It may sound a bit like the Prince's Council, but it's really important. Of course, we don't want to question your spy skills or the quality of your poker face. It's just that this surprise is a bit more fragile than the other, and if your partner finds you crawling somewhere with a drawer at night, it could be unpleasant. And it's better to keep a romantic moment of surprise. The size of the ring can then be remeasured and the ring reduced, enlarged or replaced. In Mialis, you also have one free ring resizing and within a few days.
  • Just be careful, if you haven't met the size, try to overcome (partner's) impatience and store the ring not worn back in the box. So how do you find out the size of a ring secretly?
  • If you are sure that you know of a ring that fits your chosen one well on the left ring finger, remember it well. The engagement ring on the hand has its place and it is no exception that each finger has a different size - the circumference of both rings usually differs. Interestingly, the hand we perform most of our normal activities is slightly larger for almost every person.
  • If you dare, you can borrow this ring for a while and bring it to the goldsmith. He easily and in a moment measures the ring with a measuring mandrel into rings and thus determines the correct size in which to select the engagement ring.
  • You can also remeasure the ring that sits on her left ring finger at home. How to measure the ring? Keep in mind that the dimension that is important is the inner dimension of the ring. So you should not be interested in the "biggest" dimension of the ring, but the "smallest" inner dimension. You can measure it with a ruler or the aforementioned drawer, but it requires a bit of skill - you have to hit the widest part of the imaginary circle. Measuring the size of the ring according to the circumference is a bit safer. You can find out by placing the ring on the paper and drawing it as faithfully as possible from the inside. Use a pencil or pen with a thin tip and the result will go to a goldsmith's or jewelry studio. For example, in Mialis, we will deal with this drawing and help you find the most accurate size possible.
  • You can put your partner's ring on your finger and make a small dot with a marker where it stops and sits on your finger. Remember whether you are making a dot above or below the ring and the approximate width of the ring (for example, 2 mm for thin rings) and go to the pros with this information.

How to find out the size of a ring without one of your partner's rings?

  • It's out of the question to find allies. A good choice is a partner's friend or sister, or mother. Bet that women like to share a wide range of information with each other and introduce one of her loved ones to your plan. She is highly likely to know the size of her ring. And by the way, the most common ring size in women is ring sizes 52 and 53.
  • Ring size templates are also an option, although we recognize that they are only for the brave. We can provide you (or mail) ring measuring rings - strips of thin plastic that are threaded on your finger and gently tightened to fit like a ring. This way you can find out exactly the required size, for example in sleep.
  • And another way to measure finger circumference in a similar way? You can take a string or a soft ribbon to help. Always try to measure the future circumference of the ring with a thin thread or other thin material for the most accurate number. You can find out by wrapping the thread around your left ring finger, holding your fingers at the imaginary ends, then pulling the thread back into the plane and measuring it with a ruler. And there is another tweak. Feel free to practice on your finger how to measure the size of the ring with a measuring tape. Wrap it around like a ring and simply read the measured rate and then do the same on the hands of your partner, whom you will ask for.
  • You can also find out the size of your engagement ring by comparing your fingers with hers. There are no limits to your originality when starting a mysterious conversation. You can tell your partner that she has beautiful hands and, for example, estimate by guessing that the width of her ring finger is roughly equal to your little finger. We recommend using this method as a supplement to the above.

We wish you much success in your secret times

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