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Wedding inspiration: you'll love these wedding rings

Are you getting married? Then it's the perfect time to choose your wedding rings. After all, no wedding is complete without them! If you're not sure which rings to choose, read on, we've got some tips for you! And trust us, these pieces will charm you, whether you want to go for original wedding rings or prefer the classics. Let's have a look together.

Classics that never get old

Want to seal your love with jewellery that never goes out of style? Then classic rings are for you. Their timeless beauty makes them a popular choice for newlyweds. But their popularity is also down to the fact that they're so comfortable, you won't even know you're wearing a wedding ring when you choose a classic.

Popular uniqueness of atypical wedding rings

The range of wedding rings in our catalogue is already very wide and offers a happy choice even for those who do not like tradition and want to stand out from the crowd. Perhaps that's why more and more couples today are looking for atypical wedding rings. These atypical pieces of jewellery differ from the rest, for example, through special surface treatments, from tarnishing to hammering, or perhaps through styles. Not only do alternative wedding rings capture your special relationship perfectly, but they are also suitable for themed weddings, for example.

Beauty in simplicity

Do you agree that there is beauty in simplicity? We definitely agree and recommend minimalist wedding rings for your big day. Although subtle, they won't be overlooked. They work perfectly with other jewellery and accessories, so you'll look great on your wedding day as well as every day.

Two rings in one

What would you say if you could buy an engagement ring together with your wedding ring and save time? Slowly but surely, the trend for wedding sets, which allow you to buy your engagement and wedding rings at the same time, is making its way from overseas to here. Doesn't it sound great to solve two problems at once? And you can be 100% sure that the jewellery will match perfectly.

Bespoke wedding rings for the most discerning

Maybe you already have a clear idea of what you want your wedding rings to look like, or maybe you want to design them yourself? Either way, you can exchange rings on your big day that are exactly as you imagined them. We're happy to create wedding rings with your own design.


Browse our entire collection of handmade wedding rings created in our studio in central Prague and tick off the next item on your wedding to-do list. What's more, if the rings don't fit, we are happy to offer you a free size adjustment.

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