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Celebrate all women, ladies and girls – IWD is here!

Have you already circled March 8th on your calendar? If not, here's a friendly reminder – don't forget to celebrate International Women's Day, which symbolises the strength, courage and uniqueness of all women. In this article, we'll reveal some interesting facts about the history and traditions around the world associated with this day, as well as some inspiring gift ideas for the special women in your life.

Why is International Women's Day celebrated?

Worldwide, International Women's Day is a powerful symbol of the struggle for women's rights and equality. Its roots go back to the early 20th century, when women stood up and began to convince society that they were not less than men. The greatest achievements were made by women in Britain and the USA. Today, thanks to the courage of these heroines, women in many countries are able to vote, study, make their own choices and continue to proudly assert their equal status in society alongside men.

Current celebrations

Although for many years International Women's Day was viewed with a great distance, having been a tool of regime propaganda in the past, in recent years it has regained its popularity. Modern society sees it as an opportunity to recall its original mission, to go further and not least to show love and appreciation to the women close to them.

How it works in the world

Women's Day is celebrated in many different countries around the world and, as usual, each one has its own customs – and this is no different.

In Italy, women are traditionally gifted with fragrant yellow mimosa flowers, which symbolise strength thanks to their ability to bloom in almost any condition, and you will find them everywhere on this day.

But not everywhere are women showered with flowers. Outside Europe, the celebrations are often different. In China, for example, women are only given half a day off. In Nepal, women are going to the streets to fight for better rights.

Choose the best gift for International Women's Day

If you want to show the women around you that they are important to you, you can also add an original gift to the hug. There are many ways to make her happy, and you don't even have to reach for the red carnations. You won't offend any woman with a flower, just as you won't offend any woman with great pralines, but give something special to those closest women. In our offer you will find many gold jewellery pieces that are worth a thousand words. Here are some tips!

Bet on minimalism

For women who believe that there is beauty in simplicity, give the gift of minimalist jewellery. A black diamond ring is a delicate but unusual accessory, while an unusual moissanite ring also shines with dazzling beauty. The advantage of these pieces is that they are elegant and understated at the same time – they will adapt to many styles and their wearers will be able to combine them with all kinds of outfits.

Colored gems light up her eyes

For all the ladies and girls who love bright colours, we have jewellery with coloured gemstones. As a gift for this occasion we would choose simple but unmissable accessories, for example gold earrings with amethyst – its typical distinctive purple colour will attract many admiring glances, which will certainly be appreciated by women who like attention.

Discover the magic of personalised jewellery

It is said that it is personalised gifts that grab the heart the most. Choose a piece of jewellery with engraving for the occasion, so that its new owner will always carry a symbol of what is most important to her. How about a beautiful gold bracelet with your shared initials or a necklace with the letter of your choice? We believe these original pieces of jewellery will win her heart.

On Women's Day, make your loved ones happy

Whether you want to show admiration, respect and love to your mum, wife, sister or friend, International Women's Day is the perfect day to do it. So don't forget to get an original gift, perhaps in the form of handmade jewellery from our Prague jewellery atelier. You will see that such a gesture will be appreciated by every woman.

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