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The right ring size

How to determine the size of the ring

Ring sizes can be a real hassle, especially if it is a ring to be donated. But don't be discouraged - the ring on your hand is one of the most personal gifts and you just need to orient yourself in the numbering system. Our article will guide you how to determine the size of the ring.
If you have ever come across the designation of rings S (small), M (medium), or L (large), believe me, you can leave them to the retail chains with clothes. You buy a ring, especially a wedding or engagement ring, for life. So let's take a moment to discuss the secrets of the ring size charts.
In Mialis, we use the most common numbering for our latitudes. These are European ring sizes, which refer to the millimeter width of the inner edges of the ring and are numbers from 46 (diameter 14.6 mm) to 65 (diameter 20.7 mm). Don't despair if you need a non-ready size, or even a little space thanks to "half the size". For information, the most common ring size in women is the numbers 52 and 53 and naturally it can be something in between. We produce all our jewelry in an above-standard equipped jewelry studio in the center of Prague and therefore it is not a problem to meet your special requirements and tailor the jewelry to your needs.
When choosing the size of the rings, you may encounter other types of numbering. For British women, finger sizes are indicated by letters (standardized sizes from I to Z are common, and halves are no exception; for example, M1 / ​​2 corresponds to our continental size 53), and in the United States, rings are indicated by lower units of numbers (from 4 to 13, quarters and halves are taken into account for greater accuracy).

How to measure the size of a ring

Now that it's easier to decipher numbers, it's time for the more pleasant part. If you want to know the size of the ring you want to give, or you are even going on a secret pre-engagement mission, you can read more here. But in general, you need to know the above inner diameter, or you can help by trying her favorite ring on your finger. Where it fits, you can make a comma with a marker and turn it over to a goldsmith or jeweler. It may seem like a bit of a clumsy event, but why not go on a little adventure for romance, right?
If you decide to entrust us to our care, we will be happy. And how is the size of the ring measured in Mialis? If the measurement is secret, you can do with the above tip, or you can borrow one of its rings and we will perform the measurement according to it. If you are hesitant between two sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller one - with a few exceptions, enlarging the ring is a bit easier than the other way around. Increased attention should only be paid to certain types when enlarging or reducing the ring, such as those with gems around it. Their composition is a bit more complicated, however, we will assess and perform such an intervention only if your jewel does not face any risk of damage.
If it is a measurement of the size of wedding rings that you wish to order from us, please make an appointment with us. At Mialis, measuring the ring is our pleasant daily routine, so you can be sure that your wedding rings will fit you like a glove. It is ideal to come in such a way that your hands are in the most natural condition, so if you tend to have your fingers a little swollen in the morning or in the heat, it is better to schedule a meeting when it will not be. You can easily try the sizes one by one with the measuring samples of the rings. Your size is the one where the ring fits well on your finger, does not rotate too much and can be used with a slight resistance of the finger. Be careful, but he should never push or strangle. If you are affected by slightly enlarged joints, then no stress. This is perfectly normal and the size of the ring is chosen with regard to the joint it has to go through. It can then be slightly looser on the finger, but of course it must not fall. The size of the ring and what suits you is basically a personal matter, just like other jewelry. For some, a little space may suit and for some people closer contact with the ring. By testing multiple sizes and re-manipulating the hands, the easiest way to get together is what you need.

MIALIS TIP: If you ever find yourself in a difficult situation where you can't take the ring off your finger, we have a trick to take off the ring: You need to slowly pull the skin under the ring to get extra space. Very cold water, a greasy cream or soap should help you, which will reduce friction and the ring will go off.

Many of you, our customers, like to buy rings online. We thought of that as well, and if you don't have a trip to Prague at the moment, we will send you measuring rings for mail by post. These are simple mechanical plastic meters that you can use blindly and easily take the first important step towards wedding rings from the comfort of your home - just enter the result of your measurement in a note in the order.
And we have good news for you in conclusion. If the rings didn't fit you exactly, nothing would happen

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