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Jewellery of the future: lab-grown diamonds as sustainable luxury

Diamonds are a symbol of beauty, purity, wealth and, unfortunately, also of non-organic mining. It is the latter that is increasing interest in lab-grown diamonds, which are indistinguishable in quality and appearance from natural diamonds, yet at a fraction of the price. It is no wonder why they are becoming an increasingly common choice for engagement rings and other jewellery. Let's take a closer look at this little miracle, combining modern science and the craft of goldsmithing.

What are lab-grown diamonds?

Lab-grown, or synthetic diamonds, are stones grown in a specific laboratory environment. Advanced technology mimics the natural conditions of diamond formation deep beneath the earth's surface, allowing scientists to grow the precious stones virtually under their own hands.

The entire growth process takes from three weeks to about two months, a fascinating speed compared to millions of years in nature. The result is indistinguishable from natural. Synthetic diamonds have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as their natural counterparts. At the same time, they are significantly more environmentally friendly.

Why should you be interested in artificial diamonds?

As awareness of the environmental impact of our pleasures grows, so does the demand for more sustainable alternatives. The mining of natural diamonds is quite a burden on our natural environment and puts off some people interested in this gemstone.

Lab-created diamonds are a great way to enjoy luxury sustainably. They have the same chemical composition, hardness, weight, dispersion and refractive index as their natural counterparts. Unlike cubic zircons, with which they are sometimes mistakenly confused, they are hard, durable, and do not lose their lustre. So you'll still be wearing the dazzlingly beautiful, hardest gemstone in the world. You'll also get a certificate of authenticity with it.

You can't tell the origin of synthetic diamonds with the naked eye. Only an experienced jeweller can see the difference when looking through magnifying optics, which reveal inclusions or imperfections in natural diamonds that are invisible to the eye. You won't find them in a synthetic diamond because the controlled growth ensures the stone's absolute perfection.

Benefits of lab-grown diamonds

The most significant advantage is the aforementioned sustainability. More and more people care about the provenance of their jewellery, just like with clothing. The production of synthetic diamonds is completely transparent and ethical. And although it also leaves behind a carbon footprint, there is no destruction of nature, as is the case with mining.

Aside from the significant reduction in ecological impact, the undeniable upside of these dazzling beauties is the price. It is also many times lower than natural diamonds. Gold engagement rings with lab-grown diamonds range from 19 to 90 thousand crowns, depending on their size and cut. You can choose from simple rings, such as Helso, to dazzlingly ornate pieces like Azure.

The biggest advantages of lab-grown diamonds:

  • A greener and more responsible form of non-mining

  • same chemical properties as natural diamonds

  • Same hardness and brilliance as natural diamonds

  • luxury at a more affordable price

  • an inexhaustible resource

  • quality jewellery for life

We buy jewelry with lab-grown diamond

Whether you're picking out an engagement ring or looking for a commemorative graduation gift, a lab-grown diamond jewellery piece is the perfect choice. A diamond ring or earrings will last a lifetime thanks to their timelessness and quality. Plus, the memory of the momentous occasion will be carried with them always.

As a gift for a young woman on a significant life milestone, a gold Amya ring is a perfect fit. Its pointed shape, in which the diamond is set, gives a delicate, very feminine impression. A more ornate version of such a gift is the Queeno intertwined ring.

A diamond engagement ring is a clear choice for us. The iconic jewel has dazzled brides-to-be for hundreds of years. However, the natural gemstone has been increasingly replaced by its synthetic twin. That's why we have prepared an entire category of engagement rings with lab-grown diamonds. The timeless classic of a simple gold band with a solitaire diamond will never go out of style.



Lab-grown diamonds are just the tip of the iceberg in the new era of jewellery. Open the door to a world of responsible luxury with us and discover the perfect rings that are literally a marvel of modern science.

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