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Salt and pepper diamonds - imperfect beauty as if from another universe

Diamond jewelry has been at the imaginary peak of popularity for decades. They are perfect, bright... in short, flawless. But what if we look at their beauty from a different angle? Can you imagine diamonds full of imperfections? That's exactly what salt and pepper diamonds are - imperfect, unconventional, and at the same time absolutely breathtaking. Original gemstones, which, thanks to their imperfections, are incredibly colored - for example, like the galaxy itself. See for yourself.

What is a salt and pepper diamond

Salt and pepper diamonds are created, like all natural diamonds, under extreme conditions at a depth of up to 200 km below the earth's surface. It is in these places that we find active volcanoes that "give" carbon the necessary enormous pressure and temperature to create the hardest gemstone. Do you now understand why diamonds are so durable and rare?

And what makes salt and pepper diamonds so different? We can find an explanation in the name itself - salt and pepper refers to their "mottled" coloration. The unique color is due to a higher number of inclusions, or imperfections, which occur in most diamonds, but are not always visible to the naked eye (that's why we see most diamonds as white). With salt and pepper diamonds, however, it is exactly the opposite. The cracks and impurities contained are so pronounced that they affect the color and appearance of the stone already at first glance.
And it is precisely these flaws that make salt and pepper diamonds unique, in the truest sense of the word - no salt and pepper diamond in the world is the same.

Why choose a salt and pepper diamond?

At Mialis, we believe that galaxy diamonds, as salt and pepper diamonds are also called, are love at first sight. But if you are also interested in their other advantages, then read on.

Lower price

Although salt and pepper diamonds have the same chemical composition and hardness as white diamonds, they are much more affordable. In this way, you can have a diamond with a higher carat weight set in an engagement ring or any other piece of jewelry, but for a much lower amount.

Originality and rarity

No, you really won't find the same salt and pepper diamond in the world as the one you chose for your jewelry. Its coloring and distribution of inclusions is so unique that it could be compared to fingerprints - in short, it will belong only to you.

Ecology and ethics

If you care about ecology, we have two pieces of good news for you - compared to clear diamonds, the mining and production of salt and pepper diamonds does not contribute to the burden on the environment to such an extent. In addition, you do not have to worry that these are so-called blood diamonds.

How to choose a salt and pepper diamond

With salt and pepper diamonds, the selection parameters are more personal than with their white counterparts. Because of the inclusions, salt and pepper diamonds are not evaluated according to the standard 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, carat weight). Choosing the "right one" is therefore more a matter of taste and aesthetics. And what should you focus on when buying galaxy diamonds?


It might seem like we are contradicting ourselves now, given the previous paragraph, but don't worry, we'll explain it right away. Although salt and pepper diamonds are not rated according to the 4C scale, cut remains one of the main parameters in their selection. The choice of cut can literally do wonders for a gemstone. Thus, an experienced goldsmith must first carefully inspect the gem and, based on its quality, the distribution of inclusions and color, choose the most suitable cut that will give it the best possible shape and the much-praised shine.

Salt and pepper diamonds in rout cut
For salt and pepper diamonds, we most often encounter the rose-cut, which is one of the oldest. At first glance, the route may have a rather vintage feel, but it looks really beautiful, especially with salt and pepper diamonds. Gemstones cut into the shape of a rose appear to be much larger than they actually are. Which stands out especially for diamond engagement rings, where their larger carat weight is often in demand.

Uncut salt and pepper diamonds

Another popular variant of salt and pepper diamonds is the uncut one. So it is the exact opposite - we won't find any grinding here. Recent years have been recording, not only in the jewelry industry, the naturalness that we can enjoy to the fullest in uncut or raw salt and pepper diamonds.

The gemstone is set in the pendant, earrings or ring exactly in the state in which it was found in the ground. Thus, uncut diamonds only go through a thorough cleaning, but otherwise they have to take care of all the beauty themselves – a raw exterior that contrasts perfectly with its natural sparkle.


Choosing a diamond shape really depends on your preferences. Salt and pepper diamonds are sold in several variants and we have to admit that they suit all of them. However, it depends, of course, on the specific coloring and distribution of the inclusions.

The most common ones are round, oval or pear-shaped. But if you are attracted by modern styles, look for salt and pepper diamonds in the shape of a kite, which resembles the silhouette of a paper kite, or in the shape of a superman or a hexagon.

A variant that will appeal especially to romantic souls and delicate fairies is the so-called cluster arrangement. Although this is not directly related to the shape of the gem, it is definitely worth mentioning. A cluster is created by placing several small round diamonds close together, which subsequently form a cluster of beautifully sparkling gems resembling, for example, a starry sky.


And here we come to the very essence of salt and pepper diamonds. It is the inclusions that define them, but we perceive them as specific colors. And despite the fact that these gems bear the name salt and pepper, they are not only found in the "salt and pepper" variant.

We can admire their velvety gray, milky, yellow-brown, greenish, reddish, dark brown or black color. It is often an interplay of several shades – for example, magically clear diamonds with a fine black web or with colored veins reminiscent of ink dripping into water.
A very popular variant are also galaxy diamonds, which seem to reflect the dark sky and bright stars from the entire universe.

Who is salt and pepper diamond jewelry suitable for?

If you are in the process of choosing a gift for your loved one or even looking for an engagement ring that will show her how much you cared about your choice, see if the salt and pepper diamond jewelry is just for her.

  • A ring with a salt and pepper diamond will excite the bride-to-be who does not tolerate conventions and wants to stand out from the crowd of traditional engagement rings.
  • Salt and pepper diamond jewelry is so unique and unpredictable in color that many a creative soul will fall in love with it.
  • A lover not only of non-traditional engagement rings, but also of everything original that expresses her refined taste and distinguishes her from others.
  • A romantic princess, a fairy and an advocate of natural beauty.

Last but not least, salt and pepper diamonds will please the buyer himself. If you have a certain budget for a gift that doesn't quite match the prices of the biggest and brightest white diamonds, don't be sad. Salt and pepper diamond jewelry offers a much larger gem or carat weight at very affordable prices. You do not have to give up your requirements for the quality, durability or aesthetic side of the gem, or vice versa. When you choose a salt and pepper diamond, you get something completely unique.

Where to buy salt and pepper diamond jewelry

As with any piece of jewelry, and especially with diamond jewelry, the basic rule is to buy it from a verified seller. Although we write here that salt and pepper diamonds will save you a lot of money, it is still an important investment that should leave only a positive impression on you and the recipient. So what to look out for when choosing a seller?

Always find out how long the jewelry store has been operating, what reviews it has and whether it will provide you with the appropriate certificate of authenticity for the piece of jewelry. A brick-and-mortar store, where you can look at jewelry and individual gems in peace, or choose your particular diamond, will also be a good sign for you. Not to mention the benefits of professional advice and subsequent after-purchase service.

Why choose Mialis for the purchase of salt and pepper diamonds

Now we will brag for a moment, but believe that your positive impression of the purchase and subsequent satisfied feedback are so important to us that we do our best to be the best on the market. And now to why you should choose jewelry with salt and pepper diamonds from us.

Our jewelry studio offers the widest selection of jewelry with salt and pepper diamonds on the Czech market - from minimalist jewelry to the most luxurious ones in the haute couture style.
We produce everything in our own workshop in the very center of Prague.

All our models are created according to our designs and are therefore jewelry with an author's design.
With us, you can also choose a specific central salt and pepper diamond, which we will set in your engagement ring.

Do you like one of our models on the site, but would like to make minor adjustments or combine models with each other? No problem. We've been here ever since.
Do you have a completely original idea of a custom-made salt and pepper diamond jewelry in your head? Here with him, because we love challenges and custom production is one of our most requested.
And of course, you have a lifetime warranty and free service for every piece of jewelry from us.

Are you so intrigued by salt and pepper diamonds that you want to see them for yourself? So write to us, call us or visit us in our Prague showroom and convince yourself of their unique beauty. We look forward to you.

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