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Where to wear a wedding ring?

Only a few couples can imagine a wedding without wedding rings. And no wonder at all! Wedding rings have been a part of the marital commitment since ancient times and should serve not only as a reminder of that big day, but also to symbolise the eternal love that two people have for each other. But many couples do not know which hand the rings belong to. How are you doing? If you're not sure either, don't worry! Read our article to learn all the interesting things.

The tradition of wedding rings

Wedding rings and the symbolism associated with them are not a modern invention. The first mentions of wedding rings date back to ancient Egypt. But don't imagine any sophisticated rings like today's. Before precious metals and diamonds made their way into jewellery, people relied on rings woven from reeds, leather or wood, for example. The current form of rings is linked to antiquity, when in connection with the myth of Prometheus, a ring appeared that signified love for people, with a stone representing indomitability.

The custom of wearing wedding rings has gradually spread to different cultures around the world, but it has changed many times over that time. It may surprise you, but at first only women wore a ring, at a certain period it had its place on the thumb, and a separate engagement ring did not enter society until the 16th century. However, these important jewels continue to retain their great popularity and are not missing from almost any wedding ceremony.

On the left or on the right?

The story is certainly not unambiguous. Have you ever heard of the so-called love vein? In ancient times, it was believed that this vena amoris connects the ring finger of the left hand with the heart, which, as we all know, is the main symbol of love. And where else should a wedding ring be worn?

Although we know today that this theory was wrong from an anatomical point of view, in many countries, as well as here in the Czech Republic, this tradition has been preserved until today, when most couples wear a wedding ring on the ring finger of their left hand. This is the case in many countries, for example in France, Portugal, Canada and Great Britain.

As always, there are exceptions to the rule, and there are many of them. For example, in Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, India and many other countries, newlyweds put their wedding rings on their right ring finger.

There are even states where the wedding ring is given before the wedding during the engagement and has its place first on the right hand. Only during the wedding ceremony is the jewel moved to the fourth finger of the left hand. Romania, Turkey and Brazil are good examples.

What about the engagement ring after the wedding?

This is a question that most newlyweds ask themselves, so let's find out the answer. Even after the wedding, you don't have to put the engagement ring in the jewellery box. On the contrary, you can beautifully combine the jewellery together or proudly match it with everyday outfits, no matter what location you choose for it.

Many women divide the rings so that the wedding ring remains on the left ring finger and the engagement ring moves to the right.

But more and more ladies are wearing their wedding and engagement rings on the same finger at the same time. When both jewels are together, they enhance the charming impression and often become unmissable. If you wish to have both pieces of jewellery on one finger, think about the fact that both pieces of jewellery match each other after the celebration of love. Engagement sets that are designed to match each other perfectly can make your choice easier.

MIALIS TIP: If you don't really like traditions, we recommend wearing your wedding and engagement rings exactly where your heart desires. Whether you choose left or right, ring or index finger, it is important that you get used to your jewellery so much that you don't want to take it off.

Choose the right wedding rings for both of you

Haven't you caught your eye on any jewellery yet, or haven't decided yet? We understand that nowadays the offer is so wide that sometimes you don't know which piece you would have reached for earlier. We have a little advice for you – if you want your jewellery to last forever, don't be afraid to mix and match, be creative and choose with your heart.

Do you love traditions? For all couples who prefer simplicity, but at the same time desire a more imaginative design, minimalist wedding rings with tapering are perfect. In addition to decent pieces, we also offer original wedding rings that will enchant nature lovers, such as the Siena or Natura models with a non-traditional surface. For the most daring, we also have really novel, non-traditional pieces! If you plan to stand out from the crowd and have something special, black wedding rings will suit you perfectly.

Enjoy an unforgettable wedding

It depends only on you which rings you choose or where exactly you want to place them. We believe that with us you will find jewellery that you will love so much that you will want to show it to the world at every opportunity, so take a look at our offer. Don't stress about wedding preparations and enjoy entering a new stage of life with full sips

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