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[OLD] Eternity wedding rings

Wedding day is slowly approaching and you are facing a difficult task. Choose the right wedding rings for the rest of your life. You may be the first to think that these symbolic jewelry should connect you perfectly with your partner.

You will definitely be the first to think of classic wedding bands with a smooth surface, so typical for generations of our parents.

But times have advanced and gold wedding rings may not have a pair in the same design or gold color. It has long been a custom for a women's wedding ring to be decorated differently and for a men's wedding ring to be in a minimalist style.

This category of wedding rings is exactly for ladies who want more shine and glitters. Only eternity wedding bands can guarantee you an endless flood of sparkling reflections.

These wedding rings are characterized by decorating the rings around its perimeter. The ring is most often studded with diamonds, but we also like to produce color variations in the form of eternity of rings with gemstones. Brides eternity ring can be made with one type of stones, but also with their variations. After all, custom made wedding bands are our strong power.

We make all wedding rings from classic yellow gold as well as trendy rose gold or the most popular white gold.

If you love eternity-style wedding rings, you will definitely fall in love with our models.

We make every piece of jewelry handmade in our workspace in the center of Prague. We create with the greatest care, love and individual approach to each customer.

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