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Beautiful gemstones rings

Colorful jewelry

Colorful jewelry

Moss agate jewelry

Moss agate jewelry

Salt and pepper diamond jewelry

Salt and pepper diamond jewelry

Quartz jewelry

Quartz jewelry

Gemstone jewelry

Gold ring with moonstone TONI


Mens emerald ring CLARK


Gold ring with emerald DREM


Unique gold wedding rings DRIS


Gold ring with moss agate ELIONOR


Gold amethyst ring AMY


Unusual ring with amethyst BORA


Gold ring with moss agate AUGUSTA


Moss agate gold ring OLLY


Gold ring with moss agate DANA


Gold ring with sapphires CLUSTER


Gold diamond ring with ruby CROWN


Gold ruby ring with diamonds SARA


Gold garnet ring OLLY


Gold ring with pear peridot GUAVA


Gold ring with peridot BERTA


Our collection of jewelry with gemstones is here to make your and our world even more colorful. The magic of colors has incredible power and in conjunction with natural gemstones, the energy multiplies. We create jewelry with colored gemstones for those who like to surround themselves with unique jewelry. Such as a beautiful alternative to all classic diamond jewelry.

In our gemstone collection, salt and pepper diamond jewelry, especially rings, have the largest representation. We fell for this unconventional gray diamond with lots of breathtaking inclusions a few years ago. Salt’n’pepper diamonds are not only beautiful and mysterious in appearance, but also move at more affordable prices than classic diamonds, for which the so-called 4C parameters are evaluated. In addition, these non-traditional gray diamonds do not burden the environment as much and their origin is much more ethical than with classic diamonds. We like to experiment with jewelry, so in our offer you will find a lot of alternative engagement rings with these diamonds. They also excel in their non-traditional shapes. Salt’n’pepper diamonds are often seen not only in a round shape, but also in kite, pear, oval, princess, hexagon, superman and many more. When designing our designer jewelry, we try to be inspired by current trends from abroad, and always include our distinctive Mialis style.

You will love jewelry with salt'n’pepper diamonds if you prefer originality, the latest trends, minimalism or avant-garde.

Our beloved moss agate is right behind the jewelry with non-traditional diamonds. A gem in shades of green, where each piece is different. Some stone can be found with a larger number of green inclusions (veins that pass through the gemstone), other moss agates are more transparent. In our collection of moss agate jewelry you will find many non-traditional engagement rings. We also make simple soliter earrings or a pair of unusual necklaces with this type of agate. Moss agate enchants all women who love the color green, have a warm relationship with nature and like to walk through the forest like magical fairies. If you are looking for something original for non-traditional engagements, we believe that you will hear the coveted YES on the gold ring with moss agate.

The third most popular gemstone you will meet on our site is quartz. You probably know its most common form - a beautifully translucent crystal. We work with another variety in our jewelry workshop. Most often we create jewelry with rutilated quartz. It is typical for its needle-shaped inclusions in black, brown or even gold. These needles are differently represented in each stone, so some stone is darker and another more translucent. Again, we most often focus on the production of non-traditional engagement rings with rutile crystal. But you will also find several earrings or necklaces with this natural stone.

As for quartz, we have two more specialties that we are rightly proud of. We also made several of our rings with an unusual strawberry quartz and lemon quartz. If you are looking for summer jewelry full of refreshment, we believe that you will find it with these colored gems.

Quartz jewelry will delight lovers of black, unusual combinations and natural gems. So if you are looking for jewelry with crystal a little differently, rutilated quartz will pleasantly surprise you.

To get our word out that we also create many colored gemstone jewelry, take a look at our show of other treasures. From our goldsmith studio comes many beautiful jewelry with emeralds, blue sapphires, passionate rubies and garnets, tender opals, charming topazes, ice aquamarines, mystical amethysts and there are also jewelry with a moonstone. In addition to gems, mineral jewelry such as hematite also has its place here. He is said to be able to protect against negative energies. Is it true? We will have this judged by each of you, but we will agree that jewelry with hematite will please every minimalist.

If our jewelery collection did not appeal to you, but you would still like to wear or donate a jewel with colored stone, be sure to contact us. Custom jewelry production offers many options. We will be happy to come up with the ideal jewelery to measure together with you, cut into your most secret imagination.