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Gold rings


Minimalist engagement ring CHER


Gold ring with moss agate MOS


Gold ring with sapphires ANNE


Dainty gold wavy ring GAIA


Gold diamond tension ring NOVIK


Minimalist gold wave ring WAVE


Criss cross gold ring GRIFI


ARETE gold diamond ring


Gold diamond ring AMY


OLLY gold diamond wedding ring


Gold knot ring SAILOR


Gold ring with diamonds LOTE


Gold cat head ring KITTY


Gold cat ring PUSHEEN


Gold rings - gems that you can proudly wear as a symbol of the birth of a child, the end of an important stage of life or simply because you fell in love with him. But they are also traditional and non-traditional engagement rings and rings with gems, which have experienced a big boom in the last two seasons - gemstones lend their virtues to those who wear them with love. The stone ring can then easily become your personal amulet. See, for example, a distinctive emerald ring, original salt´n´pepper diamonds or magical moss agate.

And in what color to choose gold jewelry? White gold rings are "small black" among jewelry. They are universal and always make an impression, whether it is a ring with a diamond or a clearly defined ring without a stone, which can be combined on something more distinctive, for example in the category of gold bracelets.

A rose gold ring can become, for example, a beautiful gift from a mother to her daughter - rose gold is tender and modern at the same time. What about introducing a new tradition and investing in jewelry that will be passed down from generation to generation in your family? In addition to the category of gold rings, you might like one of the rings in the minimalist jewelry range for this purpose. These have become more and more popular lately - they are suitable as basic timeless jewelry, which complements well with any other jewelry.

The gold ring made of yellow gold is forever a traditional article in the field of jewelry, which is not subject to fashion and you will never step aside with it. You can bet on friendship with diamonds, or choose a ring with amethyst, rutile crystal or another original ring. After all, creating your personal combination or matching everything in one style you can easily manage with earrings from the gold earrings range.

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