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Minimalistic bracelets

Gold bracelet with diamond TRISH



GRADI crescent shape bracelet


KALIN name gold diamond bracelet


Our collection of minimalist jewelry is complemented by popular decent bracelets made of gold and rhodium-plated silver. If you love simple design, simplicity, purposefulness, less stones and more elegance, then you are on the right place.

We make minimalist bracelets by hand in our jewelry studio in the center of Prague. Like the rest of our jewelry in first-class quality.

We always create delicate bracelets from a high-quality and strong chain, which we decorate with an element in the style of minimalism. If you like symbolic jewelry with hearts, stars, moons and other geometric shapes, be sure to choose from us.

We also project the minimalist style into our gold or silver personalized bracelets. For example, our tip for a gift for childbirth is clearly a bracelet with the names of children. Choose the material, text, font style and leave the rest up to us.

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