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Salt and pepper diamond jewelry

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Salt and pepper diamond belong to the group of non-traditional diamonds, which are characterized by a completely breathtaking appearance.

Get a growing audience of admirers. Shorter shorts are a perfect alternative to classic white diamonds. Salt and pepper diamonds are usually gray or grayish in color with an ice effect. Inside the stones, a concert of irregular inks takes place, which occur in the form of fibres, stains or small dots. Most often we find inclusions in gray, black or brown. For this reason, 4C parameters are not taken into account for salt and pepper diamonds.

Jewelry with salt and pepper diamonds surpasses even the so-called rough diamonds, which have become popular in the world of non-traditional jewelry in recent years. If you are not looking for gemstone jewelry, and at the same time you do not have to experience diamond boredom, you are in the right place.

These unusual diamonds are very flattered by the rose-cut. You can find our jewelry with salt and pepper diamond in various shapes. The gray diamond can be in the shape of a pear, kite, marquise, oval, hexagon, superman, cushion, but of course you will find rings with a round diamond of this unusual color.

Jewelry with salt and pepper diamond is suitable for ladies who like to wear jewelry according to the latest fashion and are not afraid to experiment. Gray diamonds are suitable for women who love minimalist as well as luxurious jewelry. And if you are looking for an unconventional engagement ring with a diamond, bet on a salt and pepper diamond. You definitely don't have to regret it. With a ring with this type of diamond, you will express your original personality and charisma.

In addition to engagement rings with non-traditional diamonds, we have also created several earrings, bracelets and necklaces with diamonds made of salt and pepper. They beautifully complement our author's jewelry collection.

You can also choose from several types of gold. We are aware that a different color of metal is suitable for each skin tone. Choose the right one for you, which you will fall in love with at first sight. Will it be a ring with a gray diamond in trendy pink, classic yellow or white gold? From our experience with salt and pepper diamonds, they are best combined with a warmer gold color. A beautiful contrast is created, which gives a really chic impression.

Salt and pepper diamond jewelry is a collection of unique jewelry that brings beauty and maximum elegance. Jewelry with salt and pepper diamond is suitable for any occasion. You will shine with them not only for dinner with friends, but also for a business meeting.

Another benefit is a friendly price. Unlike classic white diamonds, they move in the lower legs. This can come in handy if you are looking for an engagement ring with a large diamond. A 1ct salt and pepper diamond is sure to arrive cheaper than an equally large classic 1ct diamond.

Besides, salt'n'pepper diamonds are necessary for being conflict-free and ethical.

If you care about sustainable development in fashion, the world of jewelry should not escape you. We also make our jewelry from recycled gold, which is our commitment to sustainable development on our blue planet. That's why a jewelry with a salt'n'pepper diamond is the right choice for us.

If you are looking for a custom engagement ring or any other custom jewelry, be sure to contact us. Our many years of experience in the goldsmith field give us unlimited possibilities. We will be happy to make jewelry that will make you happy with your loved ones. Whether with salt and pepper diamonds or with other gems.

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