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Silver personalized bracelets

How about having a piece of jewelry made with text up to your choice? Personalized jewelry offers us exactly this option.

We make silver bracelets by hand in our goldsmith's workshop in the center of Prague. We approach each piece of solid material with an individual approach in the same way as our customers.

How do we decorate your dream silver personalized jewelry?

Will it be a bracelet with a name, one letter, initials, numbers, GPS location, QR code or any symbol that means something to you? There are no limits to your imagination and we are always looking forward to what new clients can come up with for us.

Silver personalized bracelets can take many forms. We make ours from high-quality sterling silver, which we always rhodium-plated. Thanks to this surface treatment, silver jewelry will still be shiny and white without a single sign of blackening. In addition, we polish each of our jewelry to the highest gloss.

We connect our personalized silver bracelets with quality chains, but we also produce a couple of so-called solid bracelets. They copy the wrists beautifully and you can imprint what you have on your heart.

The most popular silver bracelets are those with a letter and a glittering diamond. Our customers also love silver bracelets with the name. In our goldsmith's workshop, we shape it so that it perfectly expresses your true self. For text jewelry, you can always choose which font you like best.

For what occasion to choose silver personalized jewelry? Ideally as an original gift for birthdays, holidays, Mother's Day or St. Valentine's Day. For romantic moments, we also have several variants of bracelets with hearts.

Especially for birthdays, we make beautiful symbolic bracelets with the sign of the zodiac or the constellation, which is associated with the date of birth of the recipient. A little space and magic will delight every sensitive soul.

Personalized jewelry is also the perfect jewelry for the birth of a child. If your wife prefers bracelets to silver personalized pendants and necklaces, you will definitely choose the real treasure from us. You can engrave the child's name, date of birth or both into the bracelet.

Silver personalized bracelets are also a beautiful souvenir for important anniversaries or life moments. It can be a jewel for graduation, a promotion at work or a memorable jewel at the bachelor party.

There are no limits to your imagination and we firmly believe that you will choose the right one with us. If you did not find the dream jewelry according to your ideas, be sure to contact us. We will be happy to contact you and immediately arrange the dream of your jewelry. You can count on us to come up with something beautiful together.

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