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Gold ring with emerald GINA

  • Gold ring with emerald GINA
  • Gold ring with emerald GINA
  • Gold ring with emerald GINA
  • Gold ring with emerald GINA
  • Gold ring with emerald GINA
  • Gold ring with emerald GINA
Product Code:GINA

Gold ring with emerald GINA

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Description and attributes

Gold ring with emerald GINA

We take pride in offering the most unusual and rich in its design golden ring with an hypnotising emerald on. The ring base is made of gold in the shape of several rings, symbolising tree branches. A loving couple of white gold birds look at each other with adoration, almost not touching the golden branches and emerald leaves of the tree. This ring will adorn your hand, make it look glorious and neither you, nor your companions will not be able to stop looking at it. This charming accessory is available in a number of gold colors - you’ll be able to use an all gold option, if you want a more discreet piece.








If you have a special deadline and jewelry you would need earlier, please let us know.

TYPE Emerald
SIZE 2.5mm
WiDTH 12mm
METAL Gold 14k

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At Mialis, we are satisfied that jewelry should be as unique as your moments, memories and people that are around you. Not something from the catalogue that million other people have. It's something that should be created just for you. Albert Mustaev is CEO of Mialis and jeweler in one person makes a variety of minimalist pieces. We are passionate about what we do and that is why we have decided to provide beautiful, affordable and personalized jewelry to all. With Mialis you can always count on our expertise and knowledge in making jewelry.

We are working with only genuine precious stones

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We use only the best diamonds with  GIA, ČGL HRD and IGI certificates. For your better understanding we’ll try to explain how does it work in some more details.

The above-mentioned certificate, first, proves the qualities of the stone, and second, demonstrates the readiness of the seller to make his business transparently. The certificate describes in details all the technical characteristics of the stone, that gives you a chance to adequately evaluate the accessory and be sure in its genuity and pureness.

The research is made by the best-known laboratories and the degree of trust towards the product depends directly on the type of the finally awarded certificate.

The certificates owns its watermarks, microstamps and holographic patterns. These protection means to speak of the genuinity of the article.  The official website of GIA gives you an opportunity to verify its originality and compliance by searching the number of certificate on the site.  Besides the girdle (its side face) of the stones, certified in GIA laboratories, the logo of the company and the number of the certificate are printed by laser  (its side face). The number, printed on the stone can be seen with 10-fold magnifier.

All diamond accessories, produced under Mialis Jewelry brand are accompanied by GIA certificate. So, you absolutely don’t have to worry about the identity of your accessory. Every article has its own certificate of genuinity and laser pattern on its face as well, that will tell you a lot about the product, if needed.



We are professionals and are responsible for our work. Therefore, we provide a lifetime warranty for all our products.

You also have the right to return purchased goods if you have changed your mind for any reason within 14 days. In that case, shipping costs shall be borne by the customer.


We pack our jewelry into elegant and decent boxes decorated with our logo. This will keep it safe and you don't have to worry about gift wrapping.

The gentle color of our package will be perfect for a gift to your beloved ones.


Unique handmade jewelry accentuates your individuality and gives the feeling of excellence. Choose the experienced jeweler with a refined taste. Manual creation of jewelry requires the utmost diligence and dexterity, a fair amount of self-confidence and also a responsibility. The experienced jeweler will make for you a chosen piece of jewelry and even customize it according to your wishies. A jewelry made of precious metals is a great gift for a festive occasion but will also adorn even an ordinary day.

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