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Where to wear an engagement ring?

Many women and men dream of a fairytale engagement, sometimes for many years. One of the most important moments is undoubtedly putting on the engagement ring. But which hand should it be worn on? We will tell you in this article, so get ready to propose and dazzle your loved one!

First engagement rings

If you look at the history of rings, you might notice that the first mentions date back to ancient Egypt. Engagement rings are a bit more complicated. In fact, there were no separate engagement and wedding rings in those days – women were given just one.  

A separate engagement ring did not appear until 1563, when it also became optional. The main ring was the wedding ring, which was only placed on the woman's hand during the wedding ceremony. 

This tradition of two rings has survived to the present day almost everywhere in the world, and when couples in love wish to move on to the next stage of their lives, an engagement, which is not compulsory, usually takes place first, followed by a wedding.

Symbolism and hidden meaning

As is well known, engagement rings are not just beautiful accessories, but they hide much more. In ancient Egypt, for example, a circle with no beginning and no end signified eternity. This meaning has been transferred to the engagement ring. It's a powerful symbol of committed love. So when a woman wears an engagement ring, she is letting the whole world know that she has found her soulmate. 

How to choose the right one

If you are planning an engagement, you are probably wondering how to choose an engagement ring. Some women are dazzled by a garnet engagement ring, while others love art deco jewelry. There are many variables that you should consider when acquiring this jewelry. From material, to style, to size. At first glance, it may seem like a lot, but don't worry, just keep a few basic tips in mind and you'll be able to make your choice! We've compiled our tips into a separate article to help you find the right ring to light up your loved one's eyes. 

Which hand does the engagement ring belong on?

Whether you choose a diamond engagement ring or something a little more unconventional, you can be sure that when your loved one sees it, it will be hard to resist. Then just put the ring on and your mission is accomplished! 

We know that such a big thing is easier to say than to do. It may not be as simple as the situation we just described, because you will be overwhelmed with emotion. But don't worry, those who are ready are not taken by surprise – so once you've decided, remember that the engagement ring belongs on your left ring finger. The fact that your left hand is closer to your heart can be a reminder you won't forget. So don't be nervous and enjoy the proposal with a calm head.

What about the engagement ring after the wedding?

This question is certainly on the minds of many future and current brides who do not want to put their beloved engagement ring in a jewelry box. Although the wedding ring is usually worn on the left ring finger, there are a few ways that ladies can elegantly wear both.

1. Wedding and engagement rings on one finger

There is nothing easier than placing both love rings on one finger. According to the rules, jewelry should be arranged chronologically according to events, so the engagement ring should be put on first and the wedding ring right after.

MIALIS TIP: Engagement sets that are a big hit abroad are ideal for this option. The two jewels fit together beautifully and make a perfect pair.

2. One on the left, the other on the right

Brides who do not suffer from layering jewelry can choose a variant where, just before or after the wedding, they move the engagement ring to the right ring finger and the place after it is taken by the wedding ring. If one of the pieces of jewelry is, for example, a very original engagement ring that is quite distinctive, this option is offered as an ideal solution.

3. Another finger is also an option

This method is not for everyone, because if the right size has been chosen, the engagement ring will probably not fit on another finger. However, if for any reason our brides do not use the free jewelry size adjustment, they can keep the engagement ring on their left hand and move it to any other finger that fits.

The rules may be broken

Although engagement rings are still mostly worn on the left hand in the Czech Republic, in this situation we recommend following your heart. In short, wear both pieces of jewelry in such a way that they are comfortable to wear. After all, the most important thing is that they take you by the heart and keep you company the best forever.

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