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Minimalist engagement ring with rutilated quartz OLA

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Minimalist engagement ring with rutilated quartz OLA

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Description and attributes

Minimalist engagement ring with rutilated quartz OLA

For us, the minimalist engagement ring with rutilated quartz is the embodiment of the saying that simplicity is the greatest beauty. Graceful lines, round rutilated quartz, high shine. More is probably not needed. A simple ring is perfect for an engagement. With it, you will especially charm women who prefer alternative or designer jewelry. Rutilated quartz is a gemstone you can't take your eyes off of. Needles of black rutile are scattered in the transparent stone, which add interest to the effect. We will be happy to make the jewelry for you in yellow, white or rose gold

All rutilated quartz gemstones are natural and have their unique shade of black. Each stone is hand-cut and as a result there can appear tiny visible inclusions on the surface. 

If you prefer to choose the exact colour of rutilated quartz, please contact us before purchase - We will make for you the picture of available stones.






If you have a special deadline, please let us know. Express production is possible by agreement. The fee for urgent production is calculated individually according to the type of jewelry.

TYPE Rutile quartz
SIZE 6mm
METAL Gold 14K
WEIGHT 2.01g


All our jewelry is carefully packed with the greatest love and care. Each jewel is securely stored in a luxurious box with the Mialis logo and at the same time wrapped in gift wrapping paper with a ribbon. Jewelry will not be damaged or lost, and you don't have to worry about gift wrapping. Along with the box, a certificate of authenticity of the gems and materials used, including their parameters, is issued for each piece of jewelry. We ship all our packages in a paper box without unnecessary plastics to minimize the impact on the environment.


With us, you can be sure of quality and individual care for each customer. We are always ready to consult with you any question regarding the production of your dream jewelry or about the time and method of shipment. You can contact us online or arrange a personal meeting in our showroom in the center of Prague. It doesn't matter if you are creating an order for a silver piece of jewelry or a luxury piece of jewelry with diamonds. Even a small purchase is a big purchase for us. That is why we value every customer. A lifetime warranty on all jewelry, including free shipping, is our long-standing standard.


With us, you can be sure that we make all our jewelry from the best materials. We take care of the selection of precious metals and gems. We most often work with 14k and 18k gold, silver and platinum. With us, you can be sure that gold will not change its color and will prevent oxidation. We devote enough time to the final surface treatment of jewelry to achieve the best result. We only buy diamonds and gems from proven suppliers who worship the same philosophy as us. In our goldsmith studio, we also produce jewelry from recycled gold to meet our commitment to sustainable development in jewelry, and especially to our planet.


Unique handmade jewelry accentuates your individuality and gives the feeling of excellence. Choose the experienced jeweler with a refined taste. Manual creation of jewelry requires the utmost diligence and dexterity, a fair amount of self-confidence and also a responsibility. The experienced jeweler will make for you a chosen piece of jewelry and even customize it according to your wishies. A jewelry made of precious metals is a great gift for a festive occasion but will also adorn even an ordinary day.


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