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Minimalist collection

Gold bracelet with Diamond LOKKA



Gold bracelet with lab-grown diamond LAKA

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Minimalist earrings with lab-grown diamonds LOFT

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Open ring with diamonds LEIA



Minimalism. A trend that is perhaps all around us and aims to simplify. He has also caught on in the field of jewelry, which, thanks to this trend, is more feminine, gentler and, above all, timeless. At Mialis, we adore minimalism and are happy to make silver and gold minimalist earrings, rings, but we also like to make a minimalist necklace with your motif - personalized jewelry flies and there is no better way to still remember your lucky date, word or personal motto.
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With simple jewelry, you don't have to worry about clothes, time of day or occasions. These so-called basic pieces understand everything and you can pair them with something more serious - the minimalist necklace complements pearl jewelry perfectly. Fashion has never been more playful before, don't be afraid to revive even a sporty outfit with such a combination of jewelry. Simple but luxurious, as well as minimalist bracelets, to which gold rings are suitable - you can match a minimalist bracelet made of white gold with a compass motif with white gold rings, for example. By the way, this variant is a perfect gift for girlfriends. Thanks to the compass, you will always find each other.