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Přívesek se zašifrovaným QR-kódem + rytí na protější straně EVA

Product Code:EVA silver

Přívesek se zašifrovaným QR-kódem + rytí na protější straně EVA

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Description and attributes

Přívesek se zašifrovaným QR-kódem + rytí na protější straně EVA

Zašifrovaný QR-kód bude odkazovat na Vámi zvolené love story, fotografii nebo text, anebo také na cokoliv, co Vás napadne. Když si přejete, aby se v paměti zachovaly jen ty nejhezčí vzpomínky, i přestože

je Váš nejlepší kamarád daleko. Právě pro Vás vyryjeme vlastní QR-kód, jenž uschová nejkrásnější okamžiky života, jen vložte odkaz nebo text do pole LINK...

Pak bude potřeba jen přiblížit kameru...


Pokud máte speciální termín, dejte nám prosím vědět. Expresní výroba je možná dle dohody. Příplatek za urgentní výrobu se vypočítává individuálně podle typu šperku.

ŠÍŘKA 1.0mm
DÉLKA 40sm, 45sm
ŠÍŘKA 14mm
KOV Stříbro 925
PŘIBLIŽNÁ VÁHA Stříbro 925 - 1.1g


We carefully package all our jewelry with the biggest love and care. Each jewel is safely stored in a luxurious box with the Mialis logo. The package also includes a certificate for the entire piece of jewelry, where all its parameters are described, including the authenticity of the stones and used materials. Selected luxury models also contain certificates for diamonds or precious stones from international companies such as GIA or IGI. With every order, we include practical tips on how to care for jewelry and a free cleaning cloth. A small gift for joy is also included. We send all our packages in a paper box without unnecessary plastics to minimize the impact on the environment. Orders for personal pick up are in a minimalist paper bag.


With us, you can be sure of quality and individual care for each customer. We are always ready to consult with you any questions about the production of your dream jewelry, about the time and method of shipment or about anything else. You can communicate with us online or arrange a personal meeting in our showroom in the center of Prague. A lifetime guarantee on all jewelry, free shipping or the option of express production have been our long-standing standard. Even a small purchase is a big purchase for us. We appreciate every customer.


With us, you can be sure that we make all our jewelry from the best materials. We devote 100% care to the selection of precious metals and gems. We work most often with 14k and 18k gold, and then with platinum. With us, you can be sure that the gold will not change its color and will resist oxidation. We devote enough time to the final surface treatment of the jewelry to achieve the best result. In addition, we polish all jewelry without harmful chemicals to make our jewelry safe for health. We only buy diamonds and gemstones from proven suppliers who share the same philosophy as us. In our jewelry studio, we also make jewelry from recycled gold in order to maintain our commitment to sustainable development in jewelry, and above all to our planet


Unique handmade jewelry accentuates your individuality and gives the feeling of excellence. Choose the experienced jeweler with a refined taste. Manual creation of jewelry requires the utmost diligence and dexterity, a fair amount of self-confidence and also a responsibility. The experienced jeweler will make for you a chosen piece of jewelry and even customize it according to your wishies. A jewelry made of precious metals is a great gift for a festive occasion but will also adorn even an ordinary day.


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